What Kind of Men You Are Attracted to According to Your Zodiac Sign

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It is well known that different people have different preferences and different tastes. And this is actually a good thing because if it was the other way round, the world will be quite a boring place and people would fall in love with the same people. So, yes, it is definitely a good thing that people have different tastes especially when it comes to love life and relationships.

But why are some people attracted to certain personal traits while other prefer much different ones? We decided to find the answer to this question in astrology. We decided to see what kind of men women are attracted to according to their zodiac signs. So, check out our conclusions.


Aries women are very temperamental. They are extremely passionate as we have mentioned dozens of times. That is why they need a partner that will not be that temperamental and a little bit down-to-earth. The men they like are not afraid to take responsibilities but they are also not afraid to take chances. And they often succeed in this endeavor.


Taurus ladies are not attracted by conventional beauty. They prefer men with long hair and beards who are not conformists. Taurus ladies really like traveling and that is why they prefer their partner to like traveling as well, to visit all the countries and hidden places in the world.


Gemini ladies are often insecure. They do not believe in their own abilities and beauty and that is why they need their partner to be the strong male alpha kind of guy who would often be arrogant and conceited and will tell their partner what to do. Women Gemini like strong dominant men and they even like following their partner’s way of living instead of their own.


Cancer ladies are very caring and responsible. They are very patient and understanding, but when it comes to their choice of men they would definitely be more attracted to a guy who is organized and hard-working. They like family kind of guys and surely cannot stand macho men.


Leo people are born leaders and they are very dominant. They would easily get bored with a relationship if there is not something to keep the fire burning. That is why they like unusual type of guys. They prefer some that are a bit strange even. This way the passion in their relationship will last.


Virgo women like bad boys. They are often drama queens and like it when they have some drama in their life especially when it comes to love relationships. They want to tame the guy who is a womanizer and to make him fall in love. However, in real life things do not happen this way. And women are often left heartbroken.


Libra women need a guy in their life that keeps their interest going. And this means that the men they like should be a bit secretive. Libra’s partners should not reveal too much about themselves. They should not show all their emotions because this way Libra ladies will get tired of them quickly.


Scorpio ladies like dominant men. They in general are very strong women and can handle everything in their lives. However, when they are in a relationship they often want to relax and even to feel weak. They want the guy they are with to protect them and to make the feel safe. That is why they like dominant men.


Sagittarius ladies like romantic men. They want their partner to be caring, to show his emotions and to show his love to her in a romantic way. A marriage proposal in Paris, or a bouquet of flowers o their first date will surely make a woman Sagittarius happy and interested in the guy.


Capricorn ladies also like romantic gestures from time to time, but this is not the most important thing for them when they fall in love. They prefer their partner to be caring and to be a good person. They do not care if this person has money, good education, or political relations. The only thing they want is respect.


Aquarius ladies are very liberal and open-minded. When it comes to their choice of men, they do not care much about their looks or money, they simply want to feel good when they are together. And that is why they like guys that make them laugh. They really want the guy they are dating to have a good sense of humor if this does not happen, then their relationship is very likely to be doomed.


Lady Pisces like men who are independent and do not conform to other people. They like it when a man is a real one and when he knows what he is talking about and what he is doing. They like responsible men who do not care about other people’s opinions and prejudices.

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