What Kind of Person You Are According to the Books You Read

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There are a lot of things that could reveal something about our personality and we do not even know that. Most often these things are our personal preferences. Your favorite ice-cream could reveal a thing or two about your personality, for example.

Today we have also prepared a kind of food that could reveal something about your personality, but this time it is a different kind of food – food for your soul. I am talking about books, of course.

Your favorite book genre reveals what kind of person you are. If you want to find out if this is true, then continue reading further.

All-time classics

If you are one of the people who loves rereading War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice or Little Women, then you surely know what your favorite genre of books is. This means that you are a person who knows how to enjoy small things in life.

You are one of the people who would appreciate the time spend with family, the sunny mornings with a nice cup of coffee cuddled with your partner, even the color of the sky. One thing is sure for you – you are not superficial. You would not fall in love at first sight, because the thing that you care about the most is your partner’s soul and not their looks.


If you have tons of books similar to Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, and Twilight, then you are definitely a fan of imaginary worlds. You would like to travel to different worlds, have amazing adventures, drink from the fountain of youth, or have mythical creatures for pets.

You do not like the ordinary boring world and you search for an escape from it in these books. There is one word which could define you best and this is “dreamer”. You cannot wait for your next adventure and sometimes you even end up in trouble looking for it. Do not forget to be careful as well.


The more killings and blood there is, the better. Or at least this is what your personal preferences are if you like horror books the most. You like these kinds of books because you feel your adrenaline rushing when you read them. You like the feeling when you know that a scary part is coming.

If you can recognize yourself in the above description, then you surely are quite brave. You like having fun and you do it properly. You also have a lot of friends and you usually are the center of attention. People like being around you, because you make them laugh and you love telling silly stories.

Romantic books or chick lit books

If you have been into romantic books all your life and your heart melts when you read a love story, like 50 Shade of Grey, Gone with the Wind, or Price and Prejudice, then you are really romantic. You dream of having the same love story as the ones in books and you do not stop believing in true love.

You are also one of the nicest people in your company. You are always willing to make compromises especially if this way everyone will be happy. You would prefer to be the one who suffers, but not to make people miserable. You are sometimes too nice and naïve. You also need to learn that there are people who would try to take advantage of your kindness and you would not allow them to do this.


Do you love thrillers? You cannot wait to find out who committed the crime? Are you a big fan of Agatha Christie’s and have you read all of her novels? If the answer is “yes”, then you surely like mysteries. And not only mysteries that refer to movies and books, but mysteries in life. You would really like to be a detective and to deal with such stories all the time.

You are often quite mysterious yourself. You do not like revealing too much of yourself to the people around you, because you prefer to give them the difficult task to get to know you without you giving them clues. You are a quiet person who prefers listening to other people and decoding their real thoughts and intentions. People often think of you as a person who stays in the shadows, but when it comes to serious matters, you are often the first one to act.

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