What Kind of Skin Problems You Have and How to Deal with Them

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There are a lot of women who have skin problems. Some have too dry skin, others have too oily skin, and some have too many zits. And sometimes no matter how much efforts one puts in dealing with these skin problems, they cannot find the right solution.

Well, this is probably because they try to deal with the problem from the outside and not from the inside, meaning they are not careful about the things they eat. Ans surprisingly enough, one’s diet may actually be the cause of their skin problems.

So, if you want to find out how to deal with your skin problems, examine them closely and read further what you need to do to get rid of them.

#1 Skin problem “Crow’s feet”

The first group of skin problems is called “Crow’s feet” and this is the main part of the skin problem it characterizes with but not the only one. The other symptoms are enlarged pores, skin in flakes, or wrinkles around the mouth. If all of these symptoms are combined together, then the main cause for it is drinking too much alcohol.

If you drink too much alcohol, this reflects on your skin. What you need to do in this case is to cut down the alcohol you drink. The first thing you need to do is to completely stop drinking alcohol for two weeks. Give your body the time to relax and give itself a break from the alcohol.

And then, if you cannot stop drinking alcohol for good, try to drink at least half the amount of alcohol you normally drink. And you should also start drinking more water.

Alcohol dehydrates your body and that is why some of your skin may be in flakes. You should give it water that is twice the amount of alcohol you drink. Soon you will notice a difference in your skin condition.

#2 Skin problem “Hooded eyelids”

The next group of problems mainly concerns the eye area, but not only. It is characterized with hooded eyelids and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles on forehead, acne, and overall flabby face posture. If you notice that you have all of these symptoms, or most of them, then your biggest enemy is sugar. You probably eat too much sweet things which “exhaust” your face. This is because the more sugar you eat, the harder it is for your body to process it. As a result, you look more tired.

What you need to do to deal with this problem is to cut down sugar. If you cannot stop eating it, then you need to cut down it a little. Instead of adding 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, add only one. Or if you are used to eating 1 chocolate bar a day, then start eating half this amount. After a month start eating ¼ of the amount of sugar you ate in the past. Soon after that you will notice that your skin, and face as a whole, has much fresher and healthy look.

#3 Skin problem “Puffiness”

The next group of skin problems includes puffiness, dark circles under the eyes, or puffiness around the eyes, bags under the eyes, zits and pimples, and even uneven skin complexion. If you have noticed that you have such facial skin problems, then your biggest problem is probably milk. There is not 100% certainty about it, but still it is widely believed that dairy products are behind the problem.

If you have such skin problems it is better to stop the dairy intake immediately, or at least cut it down to the minimum intake you can have. It is best to forget about milk and dairy products for at least 3 weeks completely and then to take the minimum amount possible. You will hopefully see the difference soon.

#4 Skin problem “Double chin”

The next group of skin problems include double chin, dark spots, rosacea, pimples on the chin and around it. If you have noticed that you have most of the above mentioned problems, then you probably have a problem with gluten. It is not an easy task to stop the gluten intake at once, because it is an ingredient which is found in wheat, oats, rye, barley, which means that one should almost stop the dough intake.

If you have such kind of gluten intolerance, then you need to focus on buying products with a label saying “gluten free”. This will be a hard thing to do at first, but you will soon get used to it and your body will even want to have the gluten free products. And still, remember that you first need to get yourself examined to make sure whether or not you have gluten intolerance.

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