What the Sweet Name Your Boyfriend Calls You by Means

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When people are in love they become gentler, especially towards their partner. This often leads to sweet and gentle ways of expressing one’s love one of which is calling one’s partner by some sweet name.

There are various such ones. We have all heard of “sweetie”, “baby”, “honey”, and so on, but have you thought what these names actually mean? Sometimes we subconsciously choose a name to call our partner by.

We do not know why we have chosen this exact name on the surface, but there is usually a reason for this. Today we are going to list for you some of the popular sweet names men call their partners by and the meaning which stands behind them. Here they are!

#1 Daisy

Daisy is a name of a flower and many men use it to call their partners the same way. They, of course, can choose to call their partners “flower”, which is still a common sweet name, but the reason why they choose this particular flower is because it is a delicate, fragile, feminine, and very sweet one. They see their partner as such and usually they want to protect her and to be their hero. This shows that a guy wants to be there for his girl. Sweet!

#2 Sunshine

The next sweet name in our list is personally my favorite one – Sunshine. It is a very common name couples, not only men but also women, call each other by, but people rarely think about the real meaning of the name.

If you call your sweetheart Sunshine, it means that this person lights your day. The world would not exist if there were not any sunshine and the same goes for the guy who calls his girl “sunshine” – he would not be able to exist without her.

#3 Honey

Another sweet name which people often use is Honey. It is so common and so much used that is seems a person has forgotten where this name comes from. Honey is bears’ favorite food. It is very sweet and healthy and who would be able to survive without anything sweet?! Honey may seem old, but it actually shows that a guy considers his partner very, very sweet.

#4 My all

The next sweet name is another of my favorite ones My All. Just think about these two short and simple words. If you divide them, they would not be so powerful, but when they are together they show how much a person really loves their partner. Everything that one could wish for is their partner and without them one would not feel complete. This is such a cute name to call the person you love!

#5 Cherry

The next sweet name men use to call their partners by is Cherry. It is not one of the most common ones but it is still a nice name to call a sweetheart by. Cherries are first of all sweet, which would show that one considers their partner very sweet.

Secondly, cherries are round and this could easily mean that the person who calls their partner ‘cherry’ feel that they complete his/her life. Another interesting thing here is that cherries may be round but are not big, so this would not be an indirect hint for calling a person “round” or “plump”.

#6 Kitten

The next sweet name a guy could call a partner by is Kitten. It is a relatively common name. It shows that a guy considers his partner sweet, lovable and cuddly. Kittens are baby cats which are very cute and cuddly. This means that the person who decides to call their partner by such name considers her very cute and even in need of protection since kittens are still baby cats and need care. It is definitely a good choice of name.

#7 Dove

Another sweet name a person could call their partner by is Dove. Doves are a symbol of pureness and hope. If a guy calls his partner Dove, then it means he considers her pure and even fragile. It is a really sweet way to call one’s partner and it shows that a person is in love and does not want to lose their dove.

#8 Cupcake

Calling one’s partner by names of sweets is very common all over the world. This is because people associate the sweetness of the food to the sweetness of their partner. Cupcake, for example, is a very common sweet name in the English-speaking world.

Cupcakes are sweet and yummy and that is why some men refer to their partners by this expression. It is very sweet but it is not as deep as some of the other expressions. It rather stays on the surface which makes it a bit superficial.

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