What to Wear on First Date According to Your Zodiac Sign

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It seems that no woman in the world has clothes to wear even if her wardrobe is full of clothes. Women simply want to wear the perfect outfit and to look their best. And this often takes time and efforts. And thus the more special an occasion is, the more difficult it is for a woman to choose a suitable outfit.

One such occasion is a first date with somebody. Imagine that you had to go on a date for the first time, what would you choose? If you do not have an idea, we may inspire you by sharing some suitable date outfits for the different zodiac signs.


Aries ladies have fiery personality. They are very loud and emotional. And that is why we have decided to choose for them a red dress for a first date. Red is considered to be one of the most sensual colors and it can perfectly reflect their temperament. They can match this dress with some golden jewelries, like a bangle or a bracelet and some earrings. Last, but not least, do not forget about the shoes. High heels are a must for this passionate outfit.


Taurus ladies like simplicity when it comes to their style. They like buying expensive clothes and accessories and are always put together. An outfit that will match their style and is suitable for a first date is, for example, white shirt with high-waist black pants. Match them with a black pair of high heels and a clutch bag. To make the outfit complete, let you hair down and you may also curl it.


Gemini ladies like showing a lot of skin when it comes to seducing. However, it is best not to wear a top with too deep neckline on a first date. If you want to show some skin, you could do it by wearing a short skirt. Match it with a pair of platform sandals and some fancy fedora hat and you will look quite sophisticated for your date.


Cancer ladies like to wear girly clothes and they basically match their sweet and feminine personality. That is why Cancer ladies will feel good in a short dress in one color and a pair of flats. One can match this outfit with some cute and small earrings and a satin clutch bag.


Leo ladies like to dress colorfully. They basically do not like dark colors, like black and grey. And besides their colorful personality can shiny through even better with colorful clothes, like some in yellow, pink, green. When you go on a first date, you should choose such kind of outfit. A short dress, for example, in a shiny vibrant color.


Virgo women are considered to be one of the most romantic. So, if you are wondering that to wear on a first date, do not think twice. Just be romantic and let your personality shine through. Put some lovely rink dress and some flats or flat sandals. Let your hair down and you could also curl it a little to have some light beach waves.


Libra women like feeling comfortable and that is why they often do not follow fashion trends but prefer to wear simple to match clothes. And that is why when they are in doubt, they choose the outfit that will make them most secure. In this case they are quite likely to put on some old pair of jeans and to match it with a nice top, and why not even cropped one?


Scorpio women like to feel special and to be liked by a lot of people. One of the outfits that may suit their desire to be unique is a bustier top with a pair of high-waist pants. You can choose them to be in the same color, or two different ones, but in the second case try to choose either black, or white for one of the parts. Match this outfit with a small black shoulder bag and put your hair up in a bun. You can be sure that you will leave a great impression on this person.


A dress! There is no better choice for a first date than this when we talk about Sagittarius women. They are extremely feminine and are quite coquette. They like putting on makeup and doing their hair, so it is no surprise that a dress will be the best choice for them. Another item which will match the outfit is a beautiful ring, or some elegant necklace.


Capricorn women, contrary to Sagittarius women, do not feel comfortable wearing skirts and dresses. They prefer strict dress codes, especially when it comes to first dates. That is probably why a shirt, a jacket and a pair of pants will suit their personality and comfort on their first date.


Aquarius women are free-spirited creatures. They are in love with Boho style and this is the best style that matches their personality. For their first date, Aquarius women could choose a long fairy dress. They could also put a flower in their hair, or wear a headband. Another thing that will suit their personality and will help them impress the person they have gone to date with is some tassel earrings, or tassel necklace.


Pisces have very gentle and friendly soul. They are very communicative and have big hearts. They are not the type of women that would wear too sensual and seductive clothes. They prefer their mind to speak instead of their clothes. For their first date they could wear a cute lovely dress in a light color, but with bare shoulders.

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