What You‘ll Feel In A Healthy Relationship

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We all want a serious and healthy relationship where we can feel happy and secured and, most of all, feel loved. Of course, not every relationship can turn out perfect and we sometimes have to wait some time until we find the perfect person for us. And how you will know he is The one? Well, if you are in a steady and serious relationship, you have to feel some of the following:


The moment you stop feeling the need to be seen only with a full face of makeup and a perfect hairdo, is the moment your relationship got serious. Staying at home in your pajamas, without makeup or a hairdo means that you feel comfortable around that person and you can be yourself without having to put on the „mask“ you put in front of other people, especially strangers.


From the beginning of time, men are the ones who have to provide for the family and make everyone feel safe and protected. That‘s the feeling you will start feeling if your guy is the right one for you and you‘re getting serious. And I‘m not talking only for physical security – feeling safe when opening up about your feelings and your thoughts is key in order to have a strong and healthy relationship and you should definitely search for that in a man.


What‘s love without passion? If you are together, but there is no flame between you, your relationship won‘t last long. The passion should have an important role in your relationship no matter if you‘re arguing or making love. My advice is to never stop keeping the flame alive – because when the passion dies, the relationship dies with it.


Be thankful for every day you spend with your significant other. No matter if you got in a fight and don‘t talk to each other, be thankful that you have someone to fight with. Because we all know that an hour later you will be cuddling on the couch watching your favorite TV show like nothing just happened. Be thankful for the small things like the breakfast he surprised you with or the flower you found on the dining table when you got back from work. And, most of all be thankful that there is a person in the world that will give his life for you and you will do the same!


The moment you stop worrying that your relationship won‘t last long and start thinking about your future together is one of the best moments in every relationship. Making plans for the future together no matter if they are for the next year or the next 20 years means that you both are on the same page and want to spend the rest of your lives together. Don‘t start making plans with the first person you meet – save this for the person feel is The one and be sure to fulfill every one of your dreams together!


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