What Your Choice of Pets Says About Your Personality

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There are a lot of personality tests. Your tastes can tell a lot about you. Do you prefer sweet or salt? Are you a morning person or an evening one? What kind of ice cream do you prefer? The answer to all of these questions can show what kind of person you are. With some of the definitions you may not agree, while others will be as if they had been written for you. Here is another test that can reveal your personality with the answer to only one question – what kind of animals you love and what pet you have. Here are the results.


This is, of course, one of the most popular choice for pets. And this is no wonder why people take such decisions. Dogs are not only good friends, but they are also very smart. They are guards of the home, no matter whether you are there or are away. Now scientists have discovered that people who like dogs and have such pets are more extroverted. These people are very easy to talk with, they make great friends, just like the pets they have chosen for themselves. You can tell this by the fact that people who have dogs as pets, walk them in the parks or in the beach, they prefer an outdoor life, where they can meet a lot of people. So, you won’t make a mistake if you have such friends or such a partner.


Cats are the other most popular choice for pets. They are easier to take care of compared to dogs because their owners do not need to walk them two times a day. That, of course, does not necessarily mean that people who have cats as pets are lazy. In fact, a research has found that people whose pets are dogs are much more creative and adventurous than people who prefer dogs. If you are one of those people then you are very emotional and sensitive. Your friends can count on you every time because you won’t let them down. Cats are worshiped from ancient times and that shows that there is something wise and mysterious about them. It is no wonder why cat lovers are deep thinkers and can find a way to escape every problem.


People who have birds as pets are not so numerous as the people who own cats and dogs but are still part of animal-owner society. If you are a proud parent of a bird or even birds then your personality is very art-oriented. You are an outgoing person and you like to “chirp” with a lot of people no matter whether you see them for the first time or you are friends with them for years. Women who have birds as pets are known for their dominance over their partner. Birds are also very noisy and colorful, just like their owners. Bird people’s personal style does not lack colors and creativity. These people have natural beauty, they are attractive even if they do not put a lot of makeup. At first you can ask yourselves why people are attracted to them so easily, but soon you will find it out for yourselves, because once you know them you won’t forget them.


As much as you can be surprised, there are a lot people who have pets reptiles. Most people’s reaction to reptiles, like lizards and snakes, is disgust and revulsion. But the rest of the people who have no problem touching them, and even more, have them as pets, are very brave. They are also very independent, and not quite emotional. Reptiles are not fluffy and are definitely not fun to cuddle with. These people are also secretive, they do not like to show their emotions in front of anyone, especially their tears. This, of course, does not mean that these people are insensitive, they just have more eccentric style, in every aspect of their lives. So, do not wonder if you see them having a relationship with someone who you have least expected.


Just like their pets, fish owners are very quiet. They prefer to hide in someone’s shadow than to be in the spotlight. These people are also very organized. You will never see a mess in their apartment, their office, or their car. They are very professional, and even workaholics. They do not have time for relationships and are often alone. This is why they prefer to have fish, they do not need a lot of taking care of, but when the person gets back home after a long day at the office, they will find the fish tank at home full of colors and light, they feel much more relaxed.

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