What Your Favorite Travel Destination Says about You

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Travelling is one of the best ways a person can spend their free time. This way one can relax, enjoy the company of their co-travelers, and try new things.

Many people say that the best way one can learn is by travelling. This way one will not only expand their common knowledge but they will also learn about other cultures and traditions and will learn how to understand them better. And not only this, but one can also experience new tastes and find new types of food they actually like.

You have probably noticed that some people have favorite destination, whereas other people find shocking that one may like these very same destinations. Different people, different opinions.

Today we decided to look at the fun side of travelling. We decided to find out what one’s favorite travel destination says about their personality. Are you curious to find out what it says about you? Then check it out!

#1 Paris, France

The top place in our list takes one of the most famous cities in the world and one of the most romantic as well. This is the capital of France, Paris. People whose favorite travel destination is Paris are artistic people. They appreciate art and other countries’ cultures.

These people do not get influenced by rumors easily and they do not have prejudices. They are very thoughtful and often like spending time alone thinking. They can spend all day drinking coffee and having a croissant on Champs-Élysées.

#2 Hawaii

Movies have been filmed, stories have been written, and legends have been told about Hawaii. It is one of the destinations that probably every person would have in their to-go places. If Hawaii is your favorite place to visit, then you definitely like travelling because, as we all know, Hawaii is not a place that is quite near to the other places in the world. Even American, who live on the continent, can often find it difficult to travel there often.

People whose favorite travel destination is Hawaii are also explorers. They are not afraid to plunge into the deep to find new things. They are often interested in history and in ancient cultures. They would not mind not only watching but also taking part in one of the traditional rituals of the place. They are people who appreciate differences and want to learn more about them.

#3 Australia

If one’s favorite destination is Australia, then they are kind of people who love exotic animals and animals in general. This place is known for its unique species of animals, like kangaroos and dingo dogs. People who love traveling in Australia love nature. They do not mind sleeping outside in a tent, in fact they prefer it. They like outdoor activities and often like sports, like hitching and boating. They are active people for sure.

#4 Italy

Ah, Italy, Italy… This is a country that many people from all over the world visit and some of the reasons are the great food, the amazing nature and views, the historic monuments, the beautiful people, and many more. Surely this is a country that every person would want to visit.

So, if this is one’s favorite destination in the whole world, then they are definitely kind of people who know how to appreciate small things in life. We have all heard of La Dolce Vita and we know that Italians know how to enjoy life.

People who find this the best travel destination in the world are relaxed and joyful. They love smiling and talking. They are likely to have many friends. They prefer to eat out so they can meet new people and interact more. They appreciate good food and good wine. They are not the most active kind of people, but they are surely one of the most emotional ones.

#5 Greece

This is another destination in the list that a lot of people would want to visit if they still have not. People whose favorite travel destination is Greece are family type of people. They would not want to party all the time. When they go on vacation they like relaxing and going to the beach, but they also like tasting some new kind of cuisine. They also like learning about other countries’ cultures and history. Basically, they want a piece of everything both in their vacations and in their lives.

#6 Canada

People whose favorite travel destination is Canada are nor very adventurous. They like travelling from time to time, but can also spend a lot of time without leaving their home and would not mind it. They are very traditional in general and do not like experimenting neither with their food nor with their vacations. They also feel comfortable communicating in English and this way they want to make everything easier and relaxing during their vacation.

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