What Your Frown Lines Say about You

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There are a lot of things that reveal a person’s typical traits of personality, and this does not only include the way they talk or their kinds of gestures. For example, there are specific parts of a human’s body that can say a lot about their personality, like the size and shape of their nose, or the shape of their lips, and so on. But have you thought that something like your frown lines could say a lot about your personality? It is hardly possible that someone could think of their frown lines as a part of their personality- tellers. Well, but it is true. The line which appear between your eyebrows when you frown reveal a part of your personality. If you are curious to find what they say, read below.

What is your frown type?

There are three main types of frowns. If you are not sure which is your type, look yourself in the mirror and frown. You will notice one of the type. And they are:

#1 – three vertical lines

#2 – three vertical lines crossed by two horizontal (some people say that this looks like a hashtag #)

#3 – only one vertical line

You have probably guessed your frown type, so it is time to tell you something about your personality, given this mimics.

#1 The vertical lines


So, the first, as you already know, is the one that has three vertical lines. If you have those lines, then you are quite hardworking. You can concentrate easily on the tasks you are given, even if there are 20 more people in the office doing something else. You can spend hours working without even realizing how much time has taken you to do something. People even joke that you do not feel any hunger or thirst when you are working.

Some of the people with this kind of frown are quite good at calculations. Their jobs often include accounting, banking, or business management. As for their personal lives, they are quite passionate, but sometimes they prefer their jobs over their relationship.

#2 Hashtag frown


The name of this frown comes from its shape. When you have two horizontal lines crossing three vertical lines when you frown, you have the hashtag frown. If you have this interesting kind of frown, you have a very artistic kind of personality. There are a lot of people that cannot understand you, because your thoughts, feelings, and personal characteristics are not on the surface, but a person should look deeper if they want to know you.

A lot of the people who have such kind of frowns work as painters, actors, or writers. Their imagination is so big, that sometimes they even prefer to live in their imaginary world instead of the real one. These people do not care about the other’s opinion, and that is why they may not have a lot of friends, but the ones they have are real ones, and they can count on them in every situation. Once they fall in love, they are ready to give away every single thing concerning their comfort so that their significant other can be happy. They have big hearts.

#3 A single line


The last in our list are the people, who have a single line when they frown. This kind of frown is a typical characteristic of the people who love sport. These people were naturally born sportspeople. They are very fit, and cannot spend a day without doing anything, especially if it does not involve any physical activity. These people take actions. They do not like waiting for something to happen. They prefer to go get it themselves. And that is why they are considered to be born-winners. No other place is good enough for them if it is not the first place.

It would not be a lie if we say that these people do not like studying, at least not the traditional kind of studying, which involves reading from a textbook. They prefer to learn from their experience, to try something that came to their minds, except from reading whether it is right or wrong to do it. This, of course, does not mean that these people are stupid, not at all. They are smart, but often get hurt, because they do not listen to advices, which sometimes are for their best. Of course, people dedicated to sports and actions are not afraid from the pain. Their biggest fear is passivity, and not just their own, but the one of the people around them.

Well, what do you think? Which is your type of frown?

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