What Your Lips Say About Your Personality

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Every part of your face could be considered as something that reveals a thing or two about your personality. For example, the shape of your nose reveals your main character. If you have pointy nose, that forms a 90 degree angle, then you are quite serious and you like to finish everything you start. This way your forehead, your eyes, and even your chin can reveal something about your to the people around you. Today, however, we are not talking about these parts of your face. We are talking about a certain one – your lips. Think about your natural lip shape, the one you have when you wake up with no makeup on, and only then you will have the actual results.

Which are the two main lip types?

The easiest way to find what is your lip type, if you have not done this already, is to look at your profile. You can either use a mirror and to look at your profile in it, or you can ask a friend to take a picture of your profile if you do not have such one. Nowadays selfies are very popular, so you will probably find a picture of your profile stored somewhere on your phone. And check which of the two following lip typed is your lips.

There are two main types of lips. The first one is the protruding lip type, which a lot of women dream about, after all big luscious lips are quite sexy. And the other type is flat lips, which are thinner and do not bulge that much when you turn your head to the side. Do not make a duck face, but just stand normally. After you are sure which of the two lip types is yours, you can move on to learning what it says about your personality.

Lip type #1 protruding lips

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One of the biggest difference between people with protruding and people with flat lips is that protruding lips are a sign of emotional character. People with protruding lips cannot hide their emotions whatever it may happen. If they are about to cry, there is not a chance that they be able to swallow their tears.

The same it is with laughter. If there is a funny joke they hear, they will burst into laughing in the very same minute. And it is also very common with them to think about past situation and again to start laughing with no obvious reason.

People with protruding lips are also quite outgoing. They are not afraid to talk in front of people, and if they are, they are able to hide is so well that nobody will suspect anything like this is going on.

They are also quite exuberant. They often act before they think carefully about the situation. Sometimes they could not be right, but their character is just so emotional that they cannot stop all the instinctual emotions that take over them, that later they may regret about some of the things they said being in that mood.

And here is one very interesting fact about protruding lips. People say that the more protruding one’s lips are, the less likely it is for them to change their personality. Well, this makes sense, because if you think about it, the less protruding one’s lips are the closer their personality gets to the people who have the other lip type. So, it is about time to mention this second kind of personality.

Lip type #2 Flat lips

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We could say about these people that they are not very emotional, but this, of course, does not mean that they do not have strong feelings. They are not so exuberant compared to the people with protruding lips. They are able to hide their feelings better, and that is why some people consider them insensitive. That is not true, however. They are very gentle, and most of the times when they remain silent in a time of sadness or grief, it is not because they do not feel the pain, but because they do not want to hurt the others’ feelings.

Some of these people think that they are not worthy enough to be happy, and that is why they prefer to be sad. Because if you are already sad, there will be no way that some more sadness comes.

Another typical characteristic that some of these people have is that they are not competitive at all. They prefer to take things easy, and sometimes slow, compared to the stress they are going to go through if they were competing against somebody. They are even ready to give up from the competition and to lose than go through something that will make them feel uncomfortable. These people go through things with their own paste, and this is perfectly fine with them.

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