What Your Personal Color is According to Your Month of Birth

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Every person has a favorite color and the reasons for their choice are different. Some people could connect this color to a specific event and the feelings and emotions they felt at the same time. Sometimes a person may not know why they like a specific color but just to feel some relaxation and calmness when they see it.

Today we are going to talk with you about colors, but not your favorite ones. Instead we are going to talk about your personal color which is according to your month of birth. Now you will see how this specific color is connected to your day of birth.

January – Caramel

The personal color of the people who are born in January is caramel. This is a color which is strongly connected to the earth and it symbolizes logic and innovative thinking. The interesting thing about this color is that it helps people stay on the ground but at the same time it helps them achieve their dreams and goals. It is a color that teaches one how to be determined and successful.

February – Lilac

People born in February sometimes feel confused and helpless with their communications with other people. They are sometimes misunderstood because of their airy personality. That is when people born in February feel helpless they need to put on some lilac clothing. This color will give them the confidence they need and at the same time it will help them when they feel emotionally confused. March – Fair Aqua

The personal color of the people born in March is fair aqua. People born in March are extremely emotional and sometimes too emotional. They are very artistic but sometimes could get stuck in a phase and not being able to deal with some solution. That is when they can turn to the color fair aqua. This color will help them get out of the artistic crisis they are in and will help them concentrate on their tasks better.

April – Cayenne pepper

People born in April have fiery personalities. They can get annoyed easily and start yelling and in the next moment they can be happy again. Surprisingly enough, this is one of their best traits as well, their fiery and emotional personality.

This emotional personality of theirs can help them in their job and get them out of a job crisis if they are in one. And if they want to bring the fire back in their life, they can do it with the help of their personal color – cayenne pepper. It color is a symbol of power and determination to climb the ladder of success in their lives.

May – Bud Green

Green is the color that has always been a symbol of calmness, relaxation, and balance. And this is the personal color of the people born in May. This color will help them when they need some balance in their live or when they need to take a break from their fast lives and just have a moment for themselves. Bud green will help them in this task.

June – Gold

The next color in our list is gold which is the personal color of the people born in June. This color gives energy and makes one feel better. People born in June often stress over minor problems which surely do not need the amount of attention people pay them. Gold will make them feel happier and more positive, and will also help them enjoy life more.

July – Coral

People born in July are extremely sensitive. They have big hearts and need a lot of love in their lives. That is why their personal color is coral. The symbolism of this color is sensitivity and love. When people born in July feel lonely and sad, they need to wear coral clothe, or to surround themselves with such kind of color to bring back the love in their lives.

August – Orange

People born in August are wild by nature. They have crazy personalities and are very loud. Sometimes they also end up getting in a personality crisis and need some help to get out of it. The color they may need to wear meanwhile is orange. It is because it is as crazy and wild as them and it can help bring back the spark in their lives.

September – Blue

Blue may not be the favorite color of the people born in September, but it is their personal color because they can relate to it when they face some crisis in their lives. Blue is a color that gives stability, which is often one of the things people born in September lack. They need to feel secure and that is the kind of personality they look for in their partner. Blue is also a color that symbolizes purity, maturity, and wisdom.

October – Cerulean

Contrary to the people born in September, people born in October are a little scared of typical ordinary lives. They are afraid of big changes and prefer to put them off as much as possible. They could even start feeling a little depressed at times because of this.

That is why the color of their personality is cerulean. It is a subtle color, not too bright, nor too dark. It has some of the symbolism of the color blue in it, like wisdom, and at the same time is a color of balance. Cerulean will make people born in October feel feel more relaxed and capable of handling their own lives.

November – Claret red

People born in November are often emotional but they seem distant and cold sometimes because of their ability to hide their feelings. Sometimes, however, it is better to let yourself go and express what you feel in order to feel better and to give the other people a chance to get to know you.

That is why the color that can reflect best the personality of the people born in November is claret red. This color is a symbol of passion, motivation, and strong love.

December – Pagoda Blue

People born in December sometimes need to believe in their abilities more than they actually do. They often think they are not good enough at their job and want to be better and better. There is nothing wrong with this, but they also need to know that they should not become obsessed with it.

The color of their personality is pagoda blue because this color is a symbol of truth, wisdom, and optimist – three of the qualities people born in December have, but sometimes they need to remind themselves of their presence.

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