What Your Rings Reveal About Your Personality

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Rings take huge part in the jewelry industry. It is no coincidence that this particular piece of jewelry is the one used in weddings, to connect the fiancés and the spouses. It is a symbol of infinity, the way a ring has no ending, the love of the married couple will be eternal. Of course, this is what people say, and we can only hope this to be true, but if you are not married, this does not mean that you cannot wear rings, on the contrary. There are a lot of people who love wearing rings. There are such made of different materials, like gold, silver and even leather. But did you know that your favorite rings actually reveal a thing or two about your personality? Here is what different kinds of rings and the fingers you put them on can say about you.

The Type of Ring
Have you ever thought about how many rings there could be? Your friends may like one type of rings, with stones on them, while you may like the complete opposite of it – very simple ones. This is because your ring preferences are a reflection of your personality. For example, people who like very big rings with big stones are people who have pretty high self-esteem (sometimes, however, it is a fake one), and they want to show that they have something more than the people around them. Similar to them are the people who love wearing a ring on every single finger of their hand, and sometimes they wear more than one ring on some of the fingers. Well, this is a bit too much, and that is why such people want to attract the attention of the people around them. And, believe me, there is no way a person can miss so many rings on two hands.

From the big rings we move on to another type of rings – the ones that have some sharp element, it could be a sharp stone, or the ring could be made in such a shape that has a big edge on one of the sides, or even on both of them. Women who like such kinds of rings are quite dominant. They are very powerful and want everybody around them to be perfectly aware of it. That is why they choose their partners to be just as powerful as they are, and never to compromise with the others.

The other type of rings are the ones that are the opposite of the sharp. They are round with a lot of small stones rather than just a big one, or there are a lot of circles and other small things that are going on there. If you are one of these ladies, then this mean that you are very playful. You are a “party animal”. You like telling jokes and laughing with your friends, but when it comes to your love life, it is a bit of a mess. You like flirting and you rarely have long-term relationships. It is not that you are not capable of it, you just do not want your freedom taken away from you.

The Fingers

An important part in revealing what your rings say about you is to look at the finger you love wearing your rings on.

The Thumb
There are some people who find it strange and uncomfortable wearing rings on the thumb, but if you are part of the few who prefer this finger for their rings, then it means that you are very powerful lady. You do not want any man to tell you what to do and, better yet, you want to rule over your partner. And there is nothing wrong with it. You go, girl!

The Index finger
One of the traditional fingers to wear rings on. The ladies who love wearing rings there are very traditional, they are even a bit too conservative, but one can never tell that they are naïve. On the contrary, they are very honest, and can tell whether a person is lying to them, or not. They are also very good friends, and people can count on them.

The Ring Finger
Well, one thing is for sure here – why this finger was named this way. If you are not married, but you prefer wearing rings on your ring finger, it means that you are very romantic and love and marriage are one of the most important things in your life. You are also a very emotional person. And one more interesting thing, if the ring on this finger is quite big, it symbolizes that you are very passionate, especially when it comes to certain bed activities, if you know what I mean. And if you are wearing a small ring on it, then you are a bit confused about your relationship with your partner.

The Pinky
Last, but not least it is the smallest finger of the bunch – the pinky. It is again not very popular among the ring-wearers, but it says a lot about them. The women who wear a ring on their pinky are completely open. They want to show their real personality in every situation possible. If the ring is in rectangular shape means that the person who wears it is quite serious, and if the ring is in square shape shows pedantry.


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