What your underwear says about your personality

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There were not so many different kinds of underwear in the past as there are today. There was only one kind of it what was used only to cover the intimate parts, but surprisingly enough was way too long. Luckily, nowadays the situation is quite different. There are many types of underwear, made of different fabrics that we choose according to the occasion, whether we want to look sexy or just comfortable. But did you know that your favorite kind of underwear reveals your personality?

This kind of underwear was very popular in the past but still has it’s share of popularity today. This is not only because it is very comfortable but because it also makes your booty look sexy, especially if you have a few extra pounds. If this is your type of underwear then you are full of energy and you like to flirt, even involuntarily. You are always in the center of the conversation, people love you. And you like to do the things that make you happy.

G-string and V-string
Every woman should have at least one pair of strings in their closet, just in case this is your boyfriend’s fantasy. Many women find them uncomfortable because they do not want anything in their butt. But if you like wearing them, especially if you prefer g-string, then you are not afraid to show more of your body. You often start doing things headlong and later you may regret your decisions. When it comes to v-strings, then it means you are a wild lady, you are hip and confident. And probably you have a great booty because you are not afraid to show it.

Boy shorts
If you have more boy shorts in your closet than every other kind of underwear then it means you like to play it safe. Your kind of personality is quiet and calm. You always think before you start doing something important. You are definitely not a person that shares your personal life with others. You are a bit introvert but you know what you want and how to achieve it. People trust you.

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