When Not To Wear A Thong

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Thongs could be great. But whoever said that they work for any outfit was out of his mind. Thongs can work in many occasions, but there are many times, we don’t consider other underwear, although it probably works better. Also, there are many things we don’t know about the thongs and their effect on our bodies (not visually).

  • When you are wearing a short skirt

Short skirts (or dresses) and a thong is a ‘No, No!’. That is because of the fact that they are short, there could be wardrobe malfunctions. Think about when you sit down, when you are with a very short skirt – it goes high and your ass is bare on the chair. You don’t want that! So go for bikinis or something else, that is made out of more fabric.

  • When you are sick

You probably didn’t know that, but thongs expose us to much more bacteria, than we would be exposed to if we were wearing any other kind of underwear. So when you are sick, your body is prone to any bacteria. And it is easier for you to get an infection down there while you have other processes going on in your body. So skip the thongs on the sick days.

  • When you workout and stay with those clothes all day

Well, if you wear a thong when you are working out (which I can’t seem to find too comfortable) is okay. But you should change it RIGHT AFTER your workout (referring the bacteria problem). But if you are wearing your workout clothes all day, no matter if you workout in them or not, forget about the thong. Very tight clothes and spandex can make bacteria grow and then kill your vaginal balance and lead to infections. You don’t want that! Remember to keep fresh!

  • When you are pregnant

Did you already guess why? Pregnancy is the time, when you have to take specially good care of your body, health and vagina. And thongs don’t work in your favor during those 9 months. I am not saying that they will kill you or do something very bad to your baby and body, but with the thong you expose yourself too much more bacteria. So if possible, leave it aside for those 9 months.

  • If you leak

Leaks are something very common for the ages from 0 to 100. Especially with women. There are two types – sport and bladder leaks. They appear only from times to time or they are regular, it depends. With some women, they never appear. But don’t worry, they are quite normal. But if you leak, those tight thongs you wear, will only irritate your skin. Irritated skin could lead to rashes.

  • When you are going swimsuit shopping

I know that you want to see better how your new swimsuit will look. But once again, it is not hygienic enough to risk it. Something that many other people have tried on shouldn’t be so close to your intimate are in no way. And if you wear bikinis for example, they will protect from germs and you are safe!

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