Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Low Budget

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When December comes people start thinking about the Christmas holidays and how they are going to celebrate this family holiday. However, December is not only about Christmas. There is another special international holiday that deserves to have some special attention as well, and this is New Year’s Eve. Many people leave the plans about the holiday for the last moment and they eventually do not have that much fun. So, if you want a great New Year’s Eve, it is time to start preparing your holiday. That is why we have decided to share some information with you about the best places in the world where you can celebrate the holiday without having to spend your entire month salary for that day.

Milan, Italy

Have you been dreaming of going to Italy for your vacation? Well, how about spending your New Year’s Eve there? Milan is one of the most popular Italian cities. Some people even claim that it is the most beautiful. It is not as big as Rome and not as romantic as Venice, but it still has the typical Italian spirit with its piazzas – Piazza del Duomo and the Piazza Castello. And since many people would head to much more traditionally famous places to spend New Year’s eve, that plane tickets to Milan and finding somewhere to stay there would not cost you that much.

San Francisco, CA, USA

If you think about a city in the United States to spend New Year’s Eve, you would probably think of New York, or LA, but San Francisco will definitely not be in your list. And that is where you are wrong. Since it is not that popular among the tourists, but it still has interesting events, San Francisco becomes one of the first options in the affordable New Year’s travels. The city has great festive atmosphere. The weather at this time of the year is not so cold so you can easily take part in the events happening around the city, like free hikes through the city and watching the fireworks at midnight.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most famous Spanish cities, but it is not typically linked to parties and wild life, so most people do not consider it as a possible New Year’s destination. And that is where you should consider spending the holiday there. The city has some great architecture and at this time of the year it has great decorations for the holidays and the atmosphere is amazing. The weather is not that cold since the country is more or less to the south, close to Africa (and hopefully this year the weather will be the same). The plane tickets are not that expensive. You can spend the night in some of the local restaurants, bars, and even in the hotel restaurant, but what we recommend is to go to the main square at midnight. You will see a spectacle that could be the best one you have ever seen with a lot of light and great show. And you will definitely not regret it.

New Zealand

When most people think about New Year’s Eve, they often imagine cold weather and a lot of snow. That is if you are in the north hemisphere. In the south part of the world, at this time of the year it is hot and sunny and you can spend the night dressed in your bikinis. The best thing is that New Zealand is considered a cheap country to live in compared to other parts of the world and that is why the most expensive thing you would have to buy there is the tickets. As for the celebrations, you would be amazed by the firework show New Zealand will offer.

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