Which are some of the Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve

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Christmas Day is one of the coziest family holidays in the world, but if you want to have a real wild party, then New Year’s Eve is the holiday for you. It is the holiday that celebrates new beginnings because people look forward to the New Year and all the good things that will bring to us. Today we decided to tell you which some of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve are. You may know some of them, but others – no. So, check them out!

#1 New York

It is probably no secret to most people around the world that New York is one of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve. Who has not heard of the great party on Times Square? A huge number of people gather on the square to celebrate the coming of the New Year and to say “goodbye” to the one that is leaving.

There are musicians, comedians, and celebrities who come to the square and perform in front of the public. And then, one minute before midnight, the famous ball begins to drop and when it reaches the end, this means that the New Year has come. This is one of the iconic places where to spend New Year’s Eve and if you choose to be there, then you would not make a mistake.

#2 Edinburgh, Scotland

Another great place to spend New Year’s Eve, but this time in Europe is Edinburgh. It is in top 5 European destinations for celebrating the coming of the New Year.Every year thousands of tourists come to Edinburgh to say “goodbye” to the old year and to take part in the Hogmanay celebrations. This is Scots’ traditional holiday through which the people celebrate both the arrival and the leaving of the new and the old years. There are, of course, a lot of fireworks, music, dancing, and midnight kisses.

#3 Sidney, Australia

There are some people who prefer to spend the Christmas holidays somewhere cold, at a place where one can build a snowman and have some snow fights. However, when it comes to New Year’s Eve, some people may prefer to spend it somewhere warmer with the same festive atmosphere, then you could choose Sidney.

Sidney is the most popular city in Australia and offers its residents and guests an amazing New Year’s Eve celebration with an amazing firework display at midnight. And let’s just not mention the big party held at Bondi Beach where you will have the opportunity to take part in an all-night dance show. Besides, if you celebrate it there, you will have the opportunity to welcome the New Year a few hours earlier than Europe and the Americas.

#4 Paris, France

Is there a person who would not want to visit Paris and the famous Eifel Tower? And what better time to do it than New Year’s Eve? There are, of course, a lot of celebrations and people who are ready to welcome the New Year. There are beautiful firework displays in the sky, a lot of dancing, music and live performances.

#5 London, England

It is no surprise that there are three European cities in the list. New Year’s Eve may not be celebrated in some parts of the world, but this is one of the biggest holidays for all European countries. And that is why the holiday celebrations are big and memorable.

London is another city where one can celebrate the New Year’s Eve and have a great time. There are more than 250,000 visitors attending the celebrationon the banks of the Thames River every year.

There is the famous countdown and then Big Ben strikes 12 o’clock. On the next day the celebrations continue with a parade and colorful floats. And you may even have the chance to see the Queen who knows.

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