Which are some of the Top Travel Destinations in 2017

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New Year – new beginning. That is one of the most common phrases you can hear form people in the beginning of every year. People make promises which they sometimes break, sometimes – not, but in the end, everyone wants to have a great and plentiful year.

And one of the best ways to make yourself a wealthy person and to expand your points of viewis to travel. Today we have prepared for you a list of top places to visit in 2017. So, are you ready? Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

#1 Chile

The first destination in our list is a South American one, Chile. This country with its capital city Santiago has a lot to offer to its visitors and guests. One of the most interesting things about it is that it is very long (2,650 miles) and not that wide (150 miles). It is entirely located in the Andes, the longest mountain chain in the world.

And this means that there are quite a lot of parts of it which will be difficult to reach. The biodiversity and the amazing nature are so breath-taking that are worth seeing. And besides, the country is in a fairly good economical state, so one will be safe to visit it.

#2 Canada

Canada is one of the countries that is often included in annual lists of top destinations to visit. And this year is even more special when it comes to visiting Canada because it is its 150 anniversary of its self-governing domination. In the past Canada was a colony of the British Empire.

It is a big country that has a lot of things to offer to its residents and visitors beginning with great landscapes. Canadian Rockies, Osoyoos (dessert), and Inside Passage (fjords and islands) are just a part of the amazing things to see in the country. The weather is often good, even if most people who have not been to the country consider it cold.

#3Granada, Spain

Spain is always a good bet when one thinks about places to travel. Granada is one of the cities in Spain which are perfect for those of you who are interested in history. It is one of the cities which were built in the times when this part of the country was under Ottoman rule. This is also why Granada has not only rich history, but also interesting culture. It is a mixture of two different nations, the Spanish and the Ottoman.

#4 Hadrian’s Wall, England

There are a lot of things to see in England, beginning with the capital city London. And this is often why people neglect the other interesting and less known things to see there. The wall is part of the distant past and it was built during the times when the Romans invaded the British islands.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular among British tourists, backpackers, and cyclists. The landscape there is amazing as well. You could go there to have a long walk and a picnic and you can learn much about British history. And besides that, you could be one of the foreign tourists that knows much more than any other foreign ones when it comes to British history.

#5 New Zealand

Any fan of the Lord of the Rings dreams of visiting New Zealand, the place where the movie was shot. However, this is not the only reason why this place is worth visiting this year. The main reason is the amazing nature. Only people who can see it in person can realize who beautiful it is.

New Zealand is a country that loves sports as well. This summer, in June and July, there will be held a tournament between the rugby teams The British Lions and The Irish Lions. It will be free and any fans of the teams can go there to watch. There are also a lot of tourist tours to take and to see the amazing natures and sights.

#6 Arras, France

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Most people usually think of the capital city, Paris, but there are also a lot of other beautiful places to see. One of them is Arras. It is one of the cities that had a key role in both the First and Second World Wars.

This year is so special and Arras it is worth to visit because it is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Arras which took place in April 1917. You can also have in mind the anniversary and go to Arras to find out some new things about the First World War and to remember others.

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