Which Are the Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in

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Which Are the Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in

Halloween is a holiday that is considered to be an American one, but nowadays more and more people all over the world start celebrating it. This is because it is a fun one and dressing up once a year could even work as a kind of therapy that can help people escape from their lives and problems just for a night.

Well, if you are also a fan of Halloween, then you have probably started thinking about your costume this year. And if you want to really plunge into the Halloween spirit, then you may visit some real creepy places that have the real spirit of the holiday. Today we have prepared for you some of the best places in the world where you can celebrate Halloween in. Here they are!

#1 Salem, USA

If you want to start with the Halloween celebration earlier, then you could simply do it if you go to Salem, Massachusetts during any day of October.  It is no secret to any America, and nowadays to a lot of people all over the world, that Salem is popular with witch trials in the past. And what better place to be on Halloween than a place where people were accused of witchcrafts?!

Nowadays you will surely not meet real witches there, but you will have the chance to experience the spirit of the holiday at its fullest. There are a lot of shows, costumes, and fireworks that will keep you entertained. And if you go there you should not forget to visit the Witch House Museum.

#2 Sleepy Hallow, New York

When October comes and people start thinking about Halloween, there are a lot of scary stories that people like remembering. And what better story to tell on Halloween night than the story about Sleepy Hallow and the headless horseman?! It is a classic one and it is quite an important part of the American literature.

If you are a fan of the story and are not afraid to meet the horseman who rides with a pumpkin instead of a head, then you definitely should consider going to Sleepy Hallow for Halloween. Celebrations there begin earlier in October. And there are a lot of parts of the town that will give you chills, like the haunted Sleepy Hallow Cemetery. There is also live music, street parades, fairs, and midnight lantern tours for the bravest ones.

#3 Transylvania, Romania

The next place that is included in our list is not in the USA, but it is probably the most famous vampire home. This is, of course, Count Dracula’s home in Transylvania, Romania. Even though there are not any special celebrations and Halloween costumes, you will have the opportunity to witness some great architecture – real castles that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. You are also going to learn some new and interesting stories about the world’s most famous vampire. And yes, do not forget your garlic.

#4 Mexico

Another place, different from the USA, where a person can have a great Halloween celebration, is actually Mexico. This day of the year is called the Day of the Dead and people believe that the spirits return to earth so they can spend some more time with their loved ones.

There are different rituals at certain parts of the country which include dancing, night singing, and family gatherings at cemeteries. There are also sweet things people make and eat, like lollipops in the shape of skulls, or chocolate bars in the shape coffins. There are also beautiful decorations which can really make one feel the spirit of the holiday.

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