Which Are the Most Popular Types of Underwear and When to Wear Them

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Underwear is an essential human right, or at least this is what a famous shopaholic once said to justify the expensive underwear she has bought. No matter whether the underwear you use is expensive one, or you bought it from the nearby street stall (well, we have to admit it that this is not the best place to buy underwear, but still some people do it), you should know that each kind of underwear is designed for a special occasion. Do you know when to wear different kinds of underwear? If not, here is a little guide for you that will help you with this task.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts have a rectangular form and when you put them on, they are supposed to cover all of your booty. Even though they are designed as a type of underwear, a lot of women sometimes wear them as shorts in the summer. Remember that this is not the best thing to do. Underwear should be worn as underwear, otherwise you will look a bit tacky.

Boy shorts are actually a substitute to the thongs. Thongs are worn to leave no visible lines of the underwear, while boy shorts do the same, except from the fact that they do not make you feel uncomfortable because you have something in your bum. The lines are actually above your booty, and the fact that they have a rectangular shape helps with the effect of invisibility.

It is best to wear them in the winter when it is cold and you need to protect this part of your body even better. You also need to make sure that the fabric is good for your skin. Natural fabrics, like cotton or silk, are the most suitable ones and will not irritate your skin.

French-cut panties

This kind of underwear is often mistaken for the granny type of underwear, which are actually briefs. The difference between the two kinds of underwear is that French-cut panties are much sexier than the briefs, even if they do have a similar design. French-cut panties are probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind when they think of “female underwear”, because they are the oldest one.

What is good about them is that they make your booty slimmer compared to other kinds of underwear, like thongs and boy shorts. If you do not believe it, just try it. Put on the three kinds of underwear and compare them by looking in the mirror. The lines that French-cut panties create creates the illusion of slimmer booty and hips. They are also very comfortable. You can wear them when you wear jeans or some kind of skirt you know that will not make the lines of the panties visible. You can also wear them in your period if you are wearing pads and not tampons.


This is probably the sexiest kind of underwear. A lot of men like it, in a way this underwear is their ultimate sex fantasy. So, when you are having a date and it is possible to reach the moment when your partner sees your panties, the best choice for you is to put on thongs. Thongs are also worn a lot in the summer. One of the reasons for this is because the weather is quite hot and the less fabric you have on your body – the better.

And there is one more reason to wear thongs in the summer. The fabrics of the summer clothes are often are so thin that a person can see through them. Or when you are wearing a fitted skirt, dress or a pair of pants, there is also a chance for the lines of the underwear to reveal to the people behind you what is your underwear. When you wear thongs, they will remain hidden and will also keep you cool, so they are definitely more of a summer kind of underwear.

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