Which are the Perfect Clothes for Seduction

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In the animal kingdom the males are the ones that seduce females. That is why they are prettier than the female representatives. However, when it comes to the relationships between men and women, we all know that women are prettier than men.

They are the ones that attract attention and males “fight” for the most beautiful girls, sometimes both literary and figuratively. Women often have the role of seductresses and they need to be as pretty as possible for this purpose. And this includes not only the best choice for makeup and hairstyle, but also dress.

Today we have decided to turn our attention to the most suitable outfits which a woman needs to wear if she wants to attract male attention. Here is our list of clothes you can wear on a first date so that you will be definitely able to make this man fall for you.

#1 A red dress

If there is one particular color that people link to lust, love and sex, then we can definitely say that this is red. Red is the most sexual color one may wear to a date and you can be sure that it will definitely be a head-turner. Red color is also known to be one which whets one’s appetite, which means that people may not only become hungry for food, but also for love.

Wearing a red dress to a first date would surely be a sign of boldness and definitely not shyness. It will show that you know what you want and this is him. Even if it is not a dress, you can never go wrong when choosing red for a love date.

#2 Lace

Lace dresses and all kinds of clothes with lace are very seductive. If you decide to wear such kind of dress to your date, then it is best to choose one which has lace all over it, the way which embraces in a way your body. This fabric is very special for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is very feminine. It could both be innocent and seductive depending on the overall design and color of the outfit. There are a lot of women who choose lace wedding dresses as well. The other reason why lace is so special is that it because the fabric is loose and transparent, but at the same time the woman wearing it is not naked, it still has something on.

This plays with men’s imagination and makes them wonder what the body “hiding” behind the lace is. The perfect color for a lace dress to wear on a date is definitely black. This way you will be even more seductive.

#3 A dress with a long slit

Here is another kind of clothing which is perfect for seduction because it is able to awaken men’s imagination, similar to the way a lace dress can. And this is a dress or a long skirt with a long slit. There are a lot of women who prefer wearing short skirts to show off their beautiful legs and consider wearing long skirts as something that would hide their beauty, but this is not exactly true.

In fact, a long dress with a long slit can attract much more attention than a short skirt or dress which shows 80% of a woman’s legs. This is because short skirts do not leave any room for one’s imagination, while slits do this like a charm. A man could be even mesmerized by the way your legs show through the slit and then hide again. You cannot go wrong here if you choose such kind a dress to attract male attention.

#4 Bare shoulders and bare back

There is another thing that impresses men a lot and definitely attracts their attention and this is a woman’s bare skin. However, it is very important to show these parts of your body, which are not too sexual, like your back and your shoulders. This is much classier than, for example, showing your hips and breasts. Men would still stare at your neckline, or your butt and legs, but you will look cheap offering too much of yourselves.

On the other hand, if you choose a dress which shows your bare back, or your bare shoulders, you will look like a real classy lady that not everybody can have. Such kinds of dresses will show men that you are interested in them and want to look good wearing such dresses for a date with them, but they will also show that it is not so easy to have you and they need to work hard in order to impress you. Choosing the right clothes sometimes means winning half of the battle.

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