Which are the Top 5 Female Body Parts Men Consider The Sexiest

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If you ask a random woman on the street the question: “Which are the top female body parts that men consider the sexiest?”, you are most likely to be answered “breasts” or “booty”. It is no secret that men are just in love with these female body part, but it turns out that there are some other female body parts that are beginning to take the first places. Can you guess which they are? And remember the next time you are flirting with a guy to use these secret weapons.

#1 Heels

It is no secret that men like women wearing high heels. It turns out, however, that the shoes are not the only part of a woman’s body that they love. Woman’s heels are another part which men love. There are a lot of women who underestimate the power of their heels.

Remember that you should take extra care of these two parts of your body. First of all, you should not have cracked heels. Exfoliate the skin of your heels regularly and apply moisturizing cream so that they remain nice and soft.

And also when you go on a date in the summer remember to put on shoes which will reveal your heels. After all, you need to make a good first impression, right?

#2 Elbows

Here is another interesting female body part which a woman should be surprised to find out that men find it really sexy – elbows. There is usually nothing special about a woman’s elbows, they look relatively the same and there is nothing that could link them to femininity.

However, it is no accident that elbows are also included in the list. It does not matter whether a woman is sitting, or she is standing straight, her elbows would be on the level of a man’s stomach and they could accidentally touch it. And sometimes not so accidentally.

The best thing about it is that you can feel if the man you are pointing your elbows to will touch you back. Accidentally, of course. It turns out that elbows could play a big part in flirting, so make sure you moisturize the skin regularly and take good care of it.

#3 Ears

There are some men who have fetish about female ears. So, it is not such a big surprise that men consider ears sexy. According to some believes, women fall in love with their ears, so if a man wants to make a good impression to a woman, he needs to whisper something in her ear. Men in general like when the woman they are flirting with to listens to them.

And this is the perfect opportunity you may have when trying to flirt with your ears. When a man is talking to you, you need to turn one of your ears slightly to him. This way you will show him that you are listening carefully, and you will give them the opportunity to see your beautiful ears and fantasize about them a little.

#4 Ankles

Here is another part of a woman’s feet that men find very attractive – ankles. And it turns out that this part of a woman’s body could play a big part in flirting. There are two ways you could actually flirt using your ankles. The first way is to “accidentally” touch the man you are flirting with your foot under the table. Let him feel your ankle with his and see what his reaction would be.

The second way you could use your ankles to flirt is when you are wearing high heels of sandals. Pretend that there is something wrong with the strap of your shoes and bend down to fix it. Then the man’s attention would be directed in this part of your body. He would then move his look up and he will basically check you out. It turns out that ankles can really help you when flirting.

#5 Collarbone

I am sure that you have not thought that this particular part of a female’s body could be included in the list. Is there really a person who notices collarbones? Yes, there is – men notice it.

Collarbones that stand out too much are considered to be a sign of weakness and maybe this is one of the reasons men subconsciously like them. You can actually take advantage of this knowledge and flirt with a man using your collarbone. Make sure you wear something with a wide neckline so that your date can notice it. And while you are talking to him, make sure you touch your collarbone gently with your fingers to attract his attention to this part of your body.

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