Which are The Top Accessory Trends for Summer 2016

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Summer is the time when most people think about their annual vacations, relaxation, going to the beach, and party. All of these events are so pleasant that a person could not help, but celebrate them by wearing suitable clothes and accessories.

Accessories are very important when it comes to completing the outfit. They could make it or break it. There are, for example, women with such big and ornate accessories that people around them cannot help it, but look at them. So, it is no wonder that one’s accessories should be chosen very carefully.

Today we have decided to pay special attention to the accessories and more particularly to the summer accessory trends. Check out which the main items women are going to wear this summer are. Which ones are your favorite?

#1 Long Earrings

One of the top earring trends this summer is all about long earrings. One of the best things about long earrings is that they attract peoples’ attention and this way you could easily attract more attention than usual to your face. If you decide to put on a long pair of earrings then you will easily elongate your face and especially your neck.

It depends on the length of the earrings, but this effect would still be met. And if you are wondering about a particular earring design, you should know that all kinds of long earrings are in fashion this season. It does not matter if you choose silver, golden, chain earrings, some with shiny stones, or even earrings with unusual shape they will all be fashionable.

#2 Graphic bags

Even if you do not pay that much attention to the particular fashion items that are popular in the summer, you should forget about wearing certain items in the summer. Take bags, for example.

The bags you wear in the summer should be different from the ones you wear in the winter. Winter bags are bigger and darker, while summer ones should be smaller and more colorful.

This season it is best to forget about heavy bags (both literally and metaphorically) and to turn your attention to graphic bags. There are one of the hop pieces this season and are very colorful and fresh. They will definitely give some life to your style. And they are also very summery, both perfect for a night out and a day at the office.

#3 Head jewelry

Head jewelries are quite popular these days. This is because they are very noticeable, easy to put and even a conversation starter sometimes. They are a perfect accessory when going to music festival, or some kind of an outdoor event.

The greatest thing about head jewelries is that there are different kinds. Some are more casual and you can wear them to events that do not require from you to be officially dressed, while others which are shiny and more glamorous are perfect for a night out, or some evening event.

You can choose from a lot of different kinds and this way you have the opportunity to choose the best one that will match your personality and style. You could even choose a headpiece with a matching pair of long earrings. This way you will combine two of the items that are popular this season.

#4 Choker necklaces

Another item that is going to be super hot this season (and yes, pun was intended) is a choker necklace. These necklaces are very elegant because are around one’s neck and look very elegant. They are also a bit vintage since they were very, very popular in the past.

You could get a necklace with a matching bracelet, both to be big and round your neck and wrist. Another good thing about these necklaces is that it is not necessary to be wearing very elegant clothes. You could wear them for work, or for a brunch, or even a casual meeting. It all depends on the design of the choker necklace itself.

#5 White bags

Another bag trend that is going to be very popular this season is white bags. White is not a color that every lady would like to wear, because one can easily stain them. However, they are not very demanding. You can wear them with different colors and styles.

And white is also a light color which is perfect for the summer, because it would not attract too much sunlight and will give your style a fresher look. So this summer you could try wearing a white bag in all shapes and sizes. It is up to you to choose the one you will like the most and feel most comfortable wearing.

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