Which are the Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

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Spring and Summer are the two seasons when most of the annual weddings are. This is mainly because of the good weather and the fact that the guests and the bride will not shiver during the ceremony.

And not only the wedding is chosen to be during the warm months of the year but also the honeymoon. Some newly-weds say that the honeymoon was even more special to them because they were alone with no guests, no work, and no obligations.

And this is not the only reason they found it more special than the wedding, but the fact that they had more days to enjoy themselves, while the wedding last only one day. No matter how lovely it could be, it is only for a day.

So, the honeymoon deserves to be planned as hard as the wedding and the place for it should be chosen pretty carefully so that the time you spend there together is really special.

So, if you are wondering where the best places to go for one’s honeymoon are, then you could check some of the top honeymoon destinations for this year.

Tasmania, Australia

Australia in general is a very popular destination for all kinds of holidays, including honeymoons. However, many people forget that there are some very interesting and beautiful islands, including Tasmania. It is one of the parts that is closest to Antarctica.

Which also means that if you have decided that you do not want your honeymoon to be in the summer, but in December, for example, then Tasmania will be the perfect place to go to since the whether will be warm, contrary to the other part of the world.

The nature there is very beautiful and every couple will get the opportunity to enjoy their company alone, without too many people around. It is a perfect destination for those people who do not like crowded places and a lot of noise.


Turkey is a country that many people would not consider the best place for their honeymoon. However, Turkey has a lot to offer. It has beautiful summer resorts, like Marmaris and Kuşadası where one can enjoy the beautiful beaches. Or one can take advantage of the good weather and go sightseeing.

There are a lot of mosques and buildings that are worth visiting. They reflect the Turkish history and culture. They are also very ornate places, ones you have not seen before, or you did not suspect there could be something so beautiful.

You also should try the local food, and especially the traditional Turkish delicacies. Make sure you also visit Pamukkale and Capadokia – homes to some of Turkey’s most famous attentions.


Ireland is one of the destinations that is very suitable for newlyweds, because the nature is great and the country is very relaxing. Of course, this is not the only reason Ireland is such a good place for honeymoon. There are also a lot of places people can go to and have a little fun. Irish pubs and Irish beer are probably the two things every foreigner thinks about first when they hear the name of this country. So, if you choose Ireland to be the place to go to for your honeymoon then you can find everything you need there – romance, love, fun, and a little bit adventure.

Paris, France

Surprise, surprise – Paris turns out to be one of the best honeymoon destinations this year. This city is considered to be one of the most romantic ones in the world (if not the most romantic one). If you choose the summer season for your honeymoon, then you will have great weather as well, which is one of the main things that can make or break your holiday. And if you go there, make sure you get the most of it and do not only hang around the Eiffel Tower.

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