Which are the Top Makeup Techniques Men Do Not Like

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Not all ladies would admit that they apply makeup so they can be pretty in order to attract some male attention. Of course, this is not the only reason why they apply makeup, but it certainly is a factor.

So, if you want to attract some male attention to yourself, then you need to know which types of makeup would do this best and which makeup techniques men do not like at all.

Today we have prepared for you the top makeup techniques that men do not like. So, have this in mind the next time you apply makeup on before you go on a date.

#1 Extremely contoured cheekbones

Contouring is great and it surely adds some nice and sexy angles to a woman’s face. However, if you tend to contour your face, then you need to have in mind that men do not like extremely contoured cheekbones.

This is because they sense they are not real even if they do not try to pay attention to a woman’s makeup. Contoured cheekbones attract their attention, but not in a good way.

So, if you still want to contour your cheekbones, you should not go over the top with it, but instead be more subtle.

#2 Too thick eyebrows

We all know that thick eyebrows are a huge hit nowadays. However, there are some women who draw their eyebrows so thick that it not only looks unnatural, but it also look a little ugly and a little male like. This is one of the things a man would surely notice about a girl and you can be sure that he will not be pleased to look at a girl with such kind of eyebrows. So, you can still shape your brows to make them look thicker, but just do not go over the top and do not make them look like a pair of moustache.

#3 Too long eyeliner

I personally disagree with men’s opinions about too long eyeliners. Eyeliners are great and absolutely sexy in all shapes and lengths. However, men are not crazy about them. They do not like too dramatic makeup. They prefer more natural-looking makeup or no-makeup makeup – the one that covers your flaws, but it still makes you look like yourself and not a doll. When it comes to the eyeliner you are free to wear it, it just should not be too long or dramatic. A short flick in the end of the eyelid is just perfect.

#4 Rose cheekbones

Applying rouge on one’s cheekbones was popular in the past. Now, however, it is not on the top techniques makeup artists use. Surprisingly, men also do not like rose cheekbones, or any other reddish color. Believe it or not, but men really notice if a woman has rouge on,and you can be sure that it will not make a good impression on them. It will rather evoke some laugher. So, forget about the rosy cheekbones for the time being.

#5 False lashes

Here is a piece of bad news for all of you girls who love applying false lashes. You should know that men are not really impressed by them. And not only this, they even find them a little off-putting. This is because, as it was already mentioned above, men like girls with natural looks.

Even if men are not good at noticing details, you cannot trick them by making them believe that the false lashes you are wearing are real. They will immediately notice the difference between natural female lashes and the long fake ones. So, if you want to impress a gu

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