Which Are The Top Tattoo Trends This Year

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Tattoos are not just a fashion interpretation on somebody’s skin. There is a lot more to them hidden in the reason for their creation. People like to celebrate life through them, to celebrate the memory of a loved one, to express themselves, or just to follow the latest fashion. If you are one of those people who want to change something, going through something, and want to express it with a tattoo but still do not have an idea what exactly to be, you may be inspired by some of these ones. Here are the top tattoo trends for this year.

1 Portraits

Some of the most popular tattoos have always been the portraits. Some people like portraying a family member, a friend, they partner or children, while others prefer to express on their bodies popular characters from movies, TV series, or books. A great example of such tattoo is the portrait of Walter White, a character from the popular TV series Breaking Bad. Of course, the person on the tattoo is the actor Bryan Cranston, but still the idea and the character are the ones that are important.

2 Head Mandalas

This tattoo is for the bolder people who are not afraid to express themselves in a way that may shock and scandalize other more conservative people. Head mandalas are tattooed on a shaven head or on a bald one. This is one way to hide your baldness and besides, if you are bald that would at least one positive feature to it, you would not need to shave so that your tattoo can be seen. The mandalas can really help you express yourself and once you are tired of them, just let your hair grow again.

3 Tattoo on the bottom of your foot

This trend began probably 2 years ago when some popular celebrities, like Miley Cyrus and Kara Delevingne, decided to show the other people that every part of the body can be tattooed. Some people may think that there is no point in tattooing a part of your body that nobody will see since it is in such a place. But tattoos are not made only because people can see them, they are a symbol of something. And besides, they are really cool!

4 Eyes

When you ask people about their favorite part of their face, most of them will say “the eyes”, because if you think about it eyes are so beautiful, despite their shape and color. People say that they are the entrance to the human soul, and a person not only sees with them, but lets the others in their own soul. This is one of the reasons why eyes are becoming so popular as tattoos. And the interesting part is that you can have them wherever you want on your body. For example, a tattoo on the back symbolizes a person’s desires to see all that is happening behind his back.

5 Optical Illusions

Optical illusions became very popular last year and are still on the one of the top places when we talk about popular tattoos. They are very interesting because of the play with the shades, sometimes you see them and sometimes you don’t. It definitely attracts the attention. And now you know a fast way you can become popular among your friends and acquaintances. Such a tattoo is a conversation starter for sure.

6 Micro portraits on the fingers

Another interesting, fresh and sexy idea from the model Kara Devlin who has a portrait of a lion on her index finger. If you do not want to copy her, you may have a tattoo of another animal there, or maybe a person. Tattoos on this place look like a fashion accessory, like a cool big ring that cannot fall off. People would ask you about the story behind it and even your boss will like it because it is small and chick.

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