Which are the Top Women Habits and Actions Men Do Not Understand

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It seems that it is a truth universally acknowledged (and yes, it is no accident that I am quoting Jane Austin), that men do not get women. It has been like that for ages and this situation is not likely to change soon. Today we have decided to go after some of the most incomprehensible things women do that simple dazzle men. Well, do you agree with them?


Men simply have no idea why women like shopping so much. When a couple goes shopping together, the male partner usually searches for a place to sit down while their spouse is trying clothes or looking for the best lipstick that will match her skin tone.

Well, men simply do not know that new possessions make women happy. They like feeling pretty and new clothes and makeup make them feel this way. It is not in men’s nature to understand this female behavior and this is fine. After all both men and women should have their individual likings.

#2 Big overflowing female bags

We could say that men are even a little scared of women’s bags. It is almost as if they feel a rabbit may jump out of them because they are so full with things women supposedly need. But what men do not know is that women do really need all of the things they have in their bags.

They need their mirror and lipstick to fix their makeup. They need their deodorant to refresh themselves in the middle of the long working day, and they surely need that package of nuts they are hiding in their bags in case they get hungry or need to boost their energy.

Men may not need all of these things, but women do because they want to have everything they might need to be within their reach. And that is why they are prepared for all kinds of situations.

#3 Going in groups to the loo

We all know that women like going together to the loo. Men simply do not understand that. If men feel the urge to pay a visit to the loo, they simply go, do their job and come back. And all of this in less than a couple of minutes.

Women spend a lot of time in the loo. This is not only because of the nature’s call, but also because they need to fix their makeup and to have a quick chat with their girlfriends about boys, or some gossips men are definitely not interested it.

And another important thing why women want to go to the loo with their girlfriends is that they want to make sure somebody will keep their bag and will not allow anyone to try to open the loo’s door while they are doing their job.

Men do not understand that because they do their job much more quickly than women given the fact that they do not have to take their underwear off. And they surely do not have a bag somebody needs to have an eye on while they are doing their job.

So, it is a bout time men stop wondering about this female habit.

#4 Talking on the phone for hours

Another thing men do not understand is definitely women’s talking on the phone for a really long time. This even annoys men. Well, one of the reasons women do this is because they like talking in general. And this is one of the main characteristics men use when they describe women – talkative.

Women have strong connections to their girlfriends, their sisters, their mothers, and even their grandmothers. They are emotional and want to share their experiences with people who will get them and how they feel. So, if men cannot do this, they simply turn to other women for this kind of a hearer’s support.

#5 Getting ready for hours

The next thing men surely do not understand about women is the time they spend while getting ready to go out. Men simply take a quick shower, put some deodorant on, and that is it. But women may have to wash their hair, dry it, make themselves a hairstyle, put makeup on, choose the best outfit, etc. And this process may take up to 2-3 hours.

Men like good-looking women and they surely like it when a woman is well maintained, but they do not realize how much work and efforts are behind theend result. So, actually women should be the ones who are annoyed because men expect from them to look perfect but to do it quickly. Well, this is simply controversial. Men can learn how to show a little support and understanding, or if not, not to get nervous and to complain about it at least.

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