Which Are This Year’s Fall Jewelry Trends

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Jewelries are an important part of one’s outfit. They can change the look of it completely and can sometimes make or break one’s overall look. And if you like jewelries as much as we do, then you will be glad to find out which some of this year’s fall jewelry trends are.

There are different ones so you can be sure you will find some that will match your personal style, but whatever you do you need to remember that this fall is all about big jewelries. That is why whatever you do you need to stick to as big jewelries as possible. Check them out!

#1 Chains

The first of the jewelry trends in our list is the chain jewelry. Chains in general are quite hardcore, so they can give your outfits a little edge especially if you want to make an outfit not that gentle and feminine. You can wear chain belts which, if you remember, were popular about 10 years ago and now they are coming back in the fashion world.

You can also wear chain necklaces. They can vary from really big and long ones to smaller and thinner such. So, you will definitely have choice and you can choose the ones which fit your style and personality the best. If you are not into chains, do not worry, because there are still other jewelries you can try.

#2 Coins

If you are into antiques and vintage jewelries, then you probably going to like the next jewelry trend – coins. If you remember the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, then you probably remember that the protagonist Elizabeth Swan used to wear a coin from the cursed pirates’ treasure as a necklace.

This jewelry trend is similar to it. You can wear all kind of coins on necklaces, on bracelets, or even earrings. Or if you do not have suitable coins, you could just stick to round pieces of pendants reminiscent of coins. It is preferable to stick to bronze, silver or gold colors to stick to the vintage style.

#3 Tassels

I am just in love with tassels and if it depended on me, they would never go out of fashion. Luckily, this fall they are coming back with the jewelry trends. They are quite feminine and could be very sophisticated. You can wear them with your everyday working business outfit, or you can stick to wearing them on special events, like a night out with friends, or a first date. The tassels again vary in size and color. If you would like to stay neutral it is best to stick to black medium tassels. You can both wear tassels to earrings and long necklaces.

#4 XXL Necklaces

As we mentioned earlier, this fall season is about big jewelries, so it is no wonder that XXL necklaces are one of the leading trends. The biggest necklaces you find, the better. You can match two of the trends – big chain necklaces. Or you could try another interesting jewelry idea –stuffed animals pendant necklaces.

There are necklaces with stuffed animals you can wear this season and you will be totally in the spirit of the XXL necklaces. Or if you are not into stuffed animals as pendants, then you could simply choose another kind of big pendants. It could be some kind of precious stone, or something else, but definitely stick to the bigger sized ones.

#5 Safety pins

Here is another trend which could be considered as hardcore – safety pins. However, safety pins can also be a gentle and interesting part of your jewelry set if only you know how to match them. You can wear a necklace made entirely of safety pins with some kind of pendant, it could be a stone, or another type.

You can also wear safety pins as earrings. Choose the biggest ones there is and add some small pendant as well. Or you could wear a regular necklace with a safety pin pendant, and again if you stick to this choice, you need to choose a big safety pin.

#6 A lot of rings

Here is a good news for all of you who are fans of rings – this season you can wear as much as rings you want and your style will be totally fashionable. This season rings will be big, bold and numerous. If you really want to get into the ring spirit, then choose ones with big and shiny stones. Or if you are not a big fan of stones, you could choose another type of rings, the important thing you should look for is they to be big.

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