Which are This Year’s Fall/Winter Bag Trends

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The great thing about fashion is that everyone can find something that suits their personality and style. There are different trends every season which means that one will find at least one trend that will suit their taste. You may not realize it but your fashion style can speak a lot about you and it is not only a matter of taste when it comes to choosing fashion items to wear, but it also has to do with your personality.

One of the things a lot of girls are crazy about when it comes to fashion is bags. Today we are going to tell you which this year’s fall/winter bag trends are. So, let’s see which of the bags you are going to like.

#1 Cross-body bags

First in our list are cross-body bags. They are going to be one of the hot winter pieces this season. The great thing about them is that they are very comfortable. You put your cross-body bag on and you do not worry whether somebody may try to steal it, or if you will drop it, or fill it uncomfortable on your shoulder.

This year’s cross-body trends is centered on small bags even if a lot of women consider them more of a spring or summer type of bags. As for the colors, you can choose whichever color you want.

#2 Reticule bags are back

The next bag trend will make a lot of women happy, or at least those ones who are fans of reticule bags, because this season they are back. There are a lot of women who like them because these bags are quite fresh and we could say that they bring some colorfulness in the cold winter days. At the same time their patterns are not like typical spring or summer ones. They suit fall and winter in the best way possible. It is a great choice of bags.

#3 Rectangular box bags

The next type of bag in the list will appeal to those of you who like geometrical shapes. Rectangular box-type bags are this exact trend. They look quite professional and sophisticated and add some elegance in one’s outfit. These bags are perfect for one’s office look no matter whether they are a small size ones, or a medium. You need to be careful with big size box bags because they may look too heavy, both metaphorically and verbally. So, it is best to stick to the small and medium size ones.

#4 Fur on a bag

The next trend is typical for a winter type of clothing but it is not very typical for bags and this is fur. There will probably be a lot of women who will be against the idea, especially those ones who are animal lovers. However, this trend is not about animal fur, but faux fur. If you do not like the idea of having a whole bag made of fur, then you can choose one with furry details only, like a fur pieces as a part of the bag, or a furry handle, or even some furry accessory hanging from the bag. There are a lot of different interpretations and this way you can choose the one you like the best. As for the colors, it will be most likely if you choose ones which are typical fur colors, like brown, gray, white, etc.

#5 Unfastened bags

The next trend in the list is quite new and really interesting. This winter seasons unfastened bags, or even bags with open top, will be in fashion. It is true that they may not be considered as very practical, since a lot of people will say that some thief may try to steal one’s wallet from the open top of the bag.

Do not worry about it, because there could be some big pockets left unfastened and precisely one you do not use. Or the bag may simply create the illusion that the top of it is open but in fact the zipper of it not to be showing. This way you will be sure that your personal belonging are safe and that you will be absolutely fashionable at the same time.

#6 Tassels and Fringes

If you are a fan of tassels, then you will be glad that this season they will be a part of the fall/winter bag trends. They are constantly coming and going when it comes to fashion and not only handbags and shoulder bags. This season you could enjoy them once again.

If you are wondering which colors to choose, then you can definitely try darker ones, like black and brown. They are quite typical when it comes to tassels and especially tassel bags, or bags with fringes.

This season you could bring some like into these colors and match them with other ones. For example, you can wear a black and golden bag with fringes, or even a purple and blue tassel bag.

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