Which are This Year’s Swimsuit Trends

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Summer has finally come! Or almost, depending on the exact place you are, but still the weather is warm enough to start talking about going to the beach. Just imagine, lying on the beach sunbathing and swimming in the nice cool sea waters. It is like paradise! And have you been thinking where to go to this summer and what to wear?

And not only what to wear on everyday basis, but what to wear at the beach. If not, then you be inspired by some of this season’s swimsuit trends. After all, we still need to be wearing some of the finest pieces of clothing at the beach – one never knows who you might meet there. So, put on your favorite type of swimsuit and let’s go to the beach!

#1 Floral prints

One of the top swimsuit trends this summer is the floral print. It does nor matter whether you prefer more colorful types of swimsuits, or you want to stick to the more simple ones, like while swimsuit with blue flowers, you can wear it all and be as fashionable as possible.

This year not only swimsuit trends love flowers, but also dresses and accessories. So, if this is a type of print which matches your personal style, then do not hesitate to wear it this summer season. If not, you can check some of the other trends.

#2 Geometrical figures

If you do not want to wear some one-color swimsuit, you can try a more colorful one with geometrical shapes. For example, you could try a stripy swimsuit, because it will elongate your body and it will also make you look slimmer, if, of course, the stripes are vertical and not horizontal.

If you are not into stripes, you can try some other geometrical figures. They are very playful and they also attract attention. So, if you do not want to blend with the rest of the crowd at the beach, try some geometrical swimsuit design.

#3 Swimsuit with a matching scarf

If you want to be super fashionable at the beach and to protect your head and hair from the devastating effects of the sun, then this swimsuit trend is for you – swimsuit with a matching scarf. You can use the scarf as a head wrap if you want to protect your head and hair, but if not, you can also use it to hide your booty or hips if you feel uncomfortable showing them.

The scarf could be with the same print, or you can use a scarf that is in a color contrasting to the one in which your swimsuit is. The only thing that you need to be careful about is choosing one piece swimsuit. It will be a perfect match of the swimsuit.

#4 No-strap swimsuits

If your bust is not too big, you can take advantage of this swimsuit trend. No-strap swimsuit are one of the biggest trend this season. However, if your bust is too big, you will not only feel uncomfortable wearing such kind of swimsuit, but the top part of the swimsuit, no matter whether it is a one-piece or two-piece, may accidentally fall down and your upper area to be exposed to the rest of the people at the beach. So, you need to have this in mind when you are choosing a swimsuit for the summer.

#5 Retro chic

Remember the pin-up girls and their extremely sexy swimsuits? Well, if you still have not tried this kind of swimsuit, this year you could do it, because retro swimsuits are still in business. One of the most popular retro swimsuits are the ones which consist of two pieces – the bottom one is a high-waist one, leaving small piece of flesh between the top and the bottom parts. It is sexy, fashionable, and it hides any extra skin one may have on her belly. It is a perfect kind of design for women who feel uncomfortable about some parts of their bodies, where they gain most weight.

#6 Simple colors

If you are not a fan of the wild prints and vivid colors, then you may like this trend. Swimsuits in earth colors, like nude, beige, brown, white, or light blue are some of the colors what you may choose for your swimsuit this season.

They may seem simple at first, but once you have some suntan, you will see how good these colors will look on your skin, especially the lighter ones, like white. They will make your tan stand out even more. You can also choose one or two piece swimsuit in these colors, they will both be in fashion this season.

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