Which Beauty Trends Of the Past We Still Love

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How often have you looked at your old pictures and wonder how could you have loved this dress, blouse, shoes, makeup back in the days? Or you just look at your mother’s pictures and think that some of the things she was wearing are in fashion right now? This is because fashion changes every season, but no matter how often it changes it repeats itself from time to time. And there are some beauty trends that will always be in fashion because some beauty trends are eternal. Here are these trends that we still love very much!

50s Bold Lips
If you make a research about the beauty trends in the 1950s, you will find that the fashion icons of that time loved wearing strong lipstick. Just think about Marilyn Monroe, can you imagine her without her blond hair and  the strong red lip? Probably not, and this is her heritage to the modern-day women. Bold red lips attract the attention. Red color is considered to be very sexual, so when you are looking for some male attention, try with the bold red lips. There is also one more reason why you should choose it – when you are eating or drinking, the lipstick won’t smear and will stay on your lips all night long. Of course, it depends on the brand, so make sure it is good before buying it.

60s Eyeliner
Of course, probably no one is surprised about the most popular beauty trend in the 1960s, because it is something massive today. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was the first one to find out that eyeliners make a woman’s eyes even more attractive and beautiful than they actually are. In the 1960s this trend was rediscovered and became a huge hit. In fact, it is such a hit that it is one of the trends in which we are in love today. The only thing you should be careful about when you apply eyeliner is the shape of your eyes, are they closed, almond or more round. You should know their shape to line them in the most attractive way for them.

70s Fresh Face
For all the people who remember the 1970s, fashion would probably be something that they would not like to return. These years were rebellious ones. People loved wearing colorful and unusual pieces of clothing, with interesting fabrics. The hairstyles were as crazy and wild as the outfits. And what is that thing that 1970s have left to us? This is the fresh and clean face. Years ago covering one’s face with foundation not only to cover all the skin imperfections, but also to look like women had darker complexion. Nowadays natural beauty is the one thing that is considered beautiful and worth expressing. In 1970s women left their faces white and clean, so today women like to do the same thing. If they have some imperfections, they cover them, but are not wearing foundations as masks. So you should do the same.

80s Baby Blues
Have you ever looked at your mom’s pictures from the 1980s? And if that is so, do you remember one of the trends in makeup? Yes, in 1980s, one of the trends was applying baby blue eye shadows, which you may think that it will only look good on 15 year old girls. However, this is not so, baby blues have a lot of fans nowadays. Of course, it is not the same as 30 years ago. When you are applying makeup, put the baby blue shadow on your lower eyelid, or put it in the inner corner of your eye. As you probably know, applying whiter and brighter colors in the inner corners of your eyes make your look more awake and open. You will definitely attract some dazzled male eyes, especially if there is some sparkle in the shadows as well.

90s Undone Hair
There are some 1990s trends which we are so glad that are in the past, like the bold brown lips, or cropped tops which show off your belly button. But there is one thing that we love has remained – the undone hair. This hairstyle looks like you have just woken up and your hair is messy, but in a good way. You have no idea how many women are trying to achieve this look, with a lot of efforts, while others just have to wake up in the morning and look gorgeous without even using a comb. You can have this look by using some hair foam, or even hair spray.  But remember – do not try any of the other 1990s trends that are already in the past. It is definitely not a good idea.

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