Which Foods to Have to Improve Your Body Health

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It is no secret that food is directly connected to one’s health. It has been proven that if one follows a healthy diet with a lot of vitamins and minerals would stay strong and healthy. And if one has a lot of junk food full of calories, it is likely that they not only gain weight, but their body health is weakened.

If a person wants to live a long and healthy life, they need to be very careful what they eat. You probably know already that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest types of food one could have. There are other products, like dairy ones and nuts which are also very healthy and people should not scratch them from their list.

Today we have prepared for you a list of different types of food that you should include in your daily menu if you want to improve the health of different parts of your body. So, let’s see which they are!

#1 Brain – walnuts and seafood

If you want to improve the health and work of your brain, then you definitely should include in your daily diet walnuts. In general, nuts are very healthy but walnuts are the ones that you need to have the most if you want to improve your memory.

There are, of course, other types of food that you may include in your diet if you want to enhance your brain work. You should include in your diet some type of seafood, like tuna, sardines, and salmon. Seafood is very healthy in general and if you include it in your diet, you will not only help your brain, but also your overall health.

#2 Eyes – corn and carrots

The next organ in our list is eyes. A person should be very careful how they treat their eyes. Exhausting them watching televisions, spending time on the computer, and having a lot of salt can easily damage the health of one’s eyes. Apart from protecting your eyes from these bad influences, you also should change your diet a bit.

If you want to improve your eye sight, then you should include some food products in your daily menu list. Such ones are corn, eggs, and the most famous one – carrots. It is best to have the carrots fresh and to boil the eggs and corn and not fry it, for example.

#3 Lungs – Green vegetables

Nowadays there are a lot of places on the earth with a huge amount of pollution. All the gases, smog, fumes, and so on have a bad effect on a person’s lungs. Unfortunately, a lot of people continue smoking cigarettes despite all the warnings that smoking is bad for their health, especially lungs.

If you want to protect your lungs, or at least to give them food to improve their health, then you definitely should include green vegetables in your daily menu, especially Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage. They are contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and the best part for those on a diet – they do not contain a lot of calories.

#4 Heart – Tomatoes and prunes

You have probably heard already that foods which resemble some parts of the human body are actually very good for them, like walnut which looks like the human brain. In the same way we can say that red tomatoes look like one’s heart because of the shape and especially the color.

Tomatoes are very good for one’s heart and that if why you should include them in your daily menu. You can also include prunes and potatoes which are very good for one’s heart as well. You also should not forget that you should eat them raw, or if you decide to cook them, potatoes especially, you should boil or bake them without frying.

#5 Bones – Dairy products

A lot of people do not think much about the health of their bones when there is not a problem, but in the years to come you will surely wish you would have taken a better care for your bones when you had the chance.

That is why it is best to start eating products that are good for your bones, like dairy products, celery and oranges. In fact, it is better to have yogurt and cheese than milk. These kinds of products contain a lot of calcium which is good for one’s bones.

#6 Muscles

It is no secret that people, men especially, you want to become more muscular should eat a lot of proteins because this is the food that “pumps” muscles and makes them stronger.

Some of the best products you can have to make your muscles stronger and healthier is to have red meat, eggs, fish, and bananas. They contain a lot of proteins and, of course, vitamins and will be good not only for your muscles, but for your overall body health.

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