Which is The Best Tattoo for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Having a tattoo nowadays is not something uncommon. There are a lot of people who have more than one tattoo on their bodies. And you can get proof of this when you go to the beach and see people with their swimsuits.

Tattoos are quite common not only because they can be very pretty, but also because they reflect a person’s character and personality. They are a symbol of something a person went through and have a deeper meaning.

Today we have decided to find out which the best tattoo for each person is according to astrology. Check them out!


It is no secret that Aries are very emotional. They are a fiery sign and often act impulsively. They love deeply, but when they get mad there is nothing that could stop their anger. The best kind of tattoo for them is a line work. This will reflect the whole fire of their personality. And if line work is too much for one, they could also get an arrow as a tattoo to show their path or their dreams.


Taurus people are also very emotional and are really stubborn. If they set their mind on something there is no stopping them until they receive what they want. They are not sentimental at all, so heart tattoos, or other kinds of intimate tattoos are definitely not the ones for them. Taurus people should best stick to traditional kinds of tattoos, like a rose, a bird, even a palm tree.


Gemini people are kids that never grow up. They like to laugh and let go easily. They are really outgoing, so the perfect type of tattoo for them should reflect this part of their character. That is why one of the best tattoos for them is a cartoon. It could be a popular cartoon character, or a common object tattooed like a cartoon.


Cancer people have big hearts. They are very gentle not to hurt somebody’s feelings. They would rather suffer themselves than hurt somebody. That is why the best tattoo for them would be the one that would reflect their sensitive personality. For example, a tattoo of a heart, or a flower would be very gentle and perfect for them. It would best be a small tattoo on their wrist or their finger. These tattoos are quite gentle and cute, perfect for Cancer.


Here is another fiery sign which is one of the strongest in the group. And since lions are the kings in the animal kingdom, then a tattoo of a crown will be a perfect representation of the power and strength Leos have.

They could tattoo it either on their arm, or on their legs, it would both look nice and majestic. Another tattoo perfect for Leos is the picture of a lion – strong, powerful, and royal.


It is no secret that Virgos are very sensitive. They are quite romantic and believe in true love. They cannot imagine their life without a partner and without love. A perfect tattoo for them would be a poem. Poem are romantic and representation of love and strong feelings. A short poem tattooed on Virgo’s wrist, back, or leg, would be a perfect match to their personality.


Libras are people who value friendship a lot. They are not the most romantic people in the world, but from time to time would enjoy the pleasure of a romantic relationship. And yet they would still choose friendship over love. So, the best kind of tattoos for them are matching friendship tattoos. Finger tattoos with a sign, or infinity tattoos on the wrists are two ideas for friendship tattoos.


Many consider Scorpio people to be heartless and one of the meanest signs from the Zodiac, but this is not completely true. They could be often romantic even if it sometimes is in their own way. They are often misunderstood and may appear cold and distant. That is why the perfect tattoo for them is a rose. Roses are very beautiful, but they also have prickles, so they can prick you.


Sagittarius people are very strong on the outside, but really fragile inside. They are often in search of their purpose in life and, of course, of their happiness. That is why a tattoo of a map, arrow, or coordinates will be a good one for them – to show them their path in life.


Capricorn people are quite quiet. They are often afraid to speak their mind and often could fall into despair and sadness. They need to remind themselves how special they are. That is why they should tattoo a saying or some beautiful thought on a place they see every day, like their hands and arms to serve as a reminder of the great life they are leading.


Aquarius people have very vivid imagination. They often daydream and see things the way other people cannot. Their tattoos should be really special and unique. They cannot lead a life inside a box, because they are too open-minded. Mandala tattoos are one idea of having a unique tattoo that nobody else would know what it means.


Pisces are very quiet and have big hearts. They are very gentle as well, that is why they need a tattoo that would reflect this part of their personality. Small tattoos, like butterflies, birds, and flowers, are perfect for Pisces, because are beautiful and very gentle at the same tim

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