Whose Celebrity Fashion Style Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Style

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One of the greatest things about fashion is that even if there are new fashion trends every season, people can find such that will match their personalities and styles. Take for example different celebrities’ styles. There are different fashion icons with different styles who rock the fashion world.

Today we are going to show you some celebrity styles. And not only this, but you will also find out whose celebrity fashion style corresponds to the style of your zodiac sign. Check it out!


Aries ladies are very passionate and adventurous. Their style could be described as Kim Kardashian’s style. Whenever this lady goes, people start staring at her. She attracts attention the moment she comes in. As for her style, it is simple and it does not involve a lot of accessories. The outfits have fitted silhouettes.


Taurus women are very stubborn and they cannot bear anyone else telling them how to dress. Their style resembles Emma Watson’s one. She wears only quality fabrics which are, of course, very expensive. She would prefer to wear a comfortable outfit in dark colors and she would not wear high heels that often, just as Taurus ladies.


Gemini style looks quite like the style of Katy Perry. This lady likes to have fun when it comes to her hair. She likes experimenting with her hair, accessories, and colors. She likes wild combinations, just like Gemini ladies.


Cancer ladies are known for being straightforward and quite strict. Theis style resembles the one of Gwen Stefani. This may sound strange to you at first but then again you can see the reason why. Gwen Stefani is not afraid to experiment with her style but what is most important for her is feeling good in her own skin and the clothes she is wearing. Just like Cancer ladies.


Leo ladies are very wild, in a good sense of course. They are born leaders and maybe that is why their style resembles the one of Cara Delevingne. It almost looks like the outfits she wears are made for her. Leo ladies dress the same way as her. They do it almost effortlessly and they choose the best items that match their figure. It almost makes one wonder who they do it.


Zoe Saldana is the celebrity whose style resembles the one of the ladies born under the star sign of Virgo. This is because, just like these women, Zoe is not afraid to mic different colors. She does not allow fashion myths and rules to interfere with her style. And she looks flawless for sure.


There is one lady who looks flawless no matter which style she chooses. It could be a street style outfit or an elegant one and she will rock it. So, who else than Beyonce is this lady?! She can look good in everything, just like Libra ladies. They look good dresses in any outfit because of their natural sense of fashion.


Scorpio ladies have a fashion style that resembles the one of Ruby Rose. She is very confident, determined, and bold. She is not afraid to dress in an unusual way and even scandalizing people. The same goes for the ladies Scorpio. They do not care about other people’s opinions and march under their own drum when it comes to fashion.


It is no secret that Sagittarius ladies have adventurous souls and like traveling a lot. However, we cannot say that this goes for their fashion style. They prefer classy and simply outfits. They would rather wear dresses than pants and that is why their style resembles the one of Jennifer Lawrence who is extremely classy and elegant.


Capricorn ladies have rather sports style. They prefer clothes that are comfortable and let them feel good in their own skin. If there is one celebrity that matches their comfortable and sporty style then this would be the famous Sporty Spice, Melanie Jayne Chisholm. She is known for being very active and wearing tracksuits, cropped tops and her hair is often up in a ponytail.


Aquarius ladies are known with their extraordinariness. They do not like following fashion trends. They prefer to create these trends themselves, just like a famous pop singer – Rihanna. Her style is original, creative, and it has a lot of individuality. The same goes for the ladies born under the sign of Aquarius.


The style that matches the one women born under the star sign of Pisces is the one Emily Ratajkowski has. She is extremely feminine, very elegant and attractive. Women Pisces have feminine style as well. They like typical feminine styles, designs, and color. And yes, they are not afraid to show some skin every once in a while.

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