Wild Ideas to Do on Your Wedding

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People are so used to traditions that they cannot imagine even breaking them a little. Or these are at least a vast majority of people who want everything to be perfect on this day and they are afraid that if they escape traditions, society would not consider their wedding as magical as other people’s weddings.

If you are one of the people, though, that are not afraid to try new things and prefer to stand out than blend in the crowd, you would be interested to find out some ideas which may appeal to you to make your wedding out of the conventional one. Check out some of the ideas we have prepared for you and share which is the one that appeals to you the most.

#1 Decide to get married without a proposal

It is not necessary to wait for your partner to propose to you if you want to get married. Nowadays it is not about the traditional proposal even though it is quite romantic to be surprised by an engagement proposal. If you decide to get married without a proposal, you will also escape from the numerous annoying question “How did he propose?”.

Believer it or not, but even the most perfect couples in the world who are proud of the proposal find it annoying to share this intimate information with every single person who finds out about the wedding. You can be sure about that.

#2 Have a wedding with a small number of friends

One of the reasons for not having a big and pompous wedding is the financial side of the wedding. The less number of guests you have at your wedding, the less money you are going to pay in the end. However, this is not the only reason for having a limited number of guests.

The other important reason is that this way your wedding will be more special. Only the people you know best will be there and you would be sure that they are the ones that really love you and do not envy you. It will be simple, but still very special.

#3 Get married on a working day

Remember the movie “The Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts? She was afraid to get married and one of the things that bothered her was having her wedding in the weekend. There are too many people that will come, it will be too crowded and just too traditional.

On the other hand, you can get married on this day of the week that is most special for you. If it is Monday, because you met this day, then organize the wedding for this day. Or if it is the anniversary of your first date, or any other special day to you, then just do not conform to people’s expectations. Just do what your heart tells you.

#4 Wear a colorful wedding dress

Speaking about traditions, here is the one that is very hard to escape from – the white color of the wedding dress. In the past, the white color of the dress symbolized female purity and the end of it, if you know what I mean. Nowadays, people’s habits have changed, but the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown is still very much alive. So, why do not you change it a little. Do you have a favorite color, blue, pink, or green?

You can simply choose it to be the main color of your dress. If we have to be honest, this is one of the conventions it would be really hard to escape. So, if you are not ready to wear a dress in a completely different color from the white one, then you could at least wear a ribbon in your favorite color or in the theme of the party. This way you can have the best of both worlds and still look quite fabulous.

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