World Festivals to Visit in the Second Half of March

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With the end of winter and the beginning of spring the world wakes up again and it is ready for celebrations. The warmer weather and the stronger sunlight give people more energy and improve one’s mood. So, this is a good enough reason for celebration.

The weather in March is not the best kind of weather often because there could be rainy days which are definitely not a good companion to festivals. But if one wants to celebrate, the weather would not stop them.

Today we have prepared for you a list of festivals that take place in the second half of March. This way you will still have the opportunity to visit them if you like.

#1 St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland

There are a few things that are a symbol of the Irish culture and one of them is St. Patrick. This is one of the most famous saints in the world and even people who are not religious and do not know who St. Patrick is have heard of the name. The festival takes place in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and it takes place around the 17th March and it lasts 5 days.

If you visit Dublin around this time of the year you can be sure that you will be surrounded by the color green and tons of beer – other symbols of the country. So, what better time of the year to plunge into the Irish spirit and culture than that?!

#2 International Comedy Festival, Melbourne

And speaking of good mood during the beginning of March, we have included in the list the International Comedy Festival in Melbourne. The good thing about the festival is that it will not only Improve your mood and that the weather will be good (after all this is Australia), but it will also take place for more than a month. The festival starts at 29th of March and continues up to 23rd of April.

If you visit Melbourne at this time of the year, you will have the chance to experience the modern-day comedy culture. You will see a lot of street performers as well as theatrical performances and stand-up comedy shows. If this is your cup of tea, then you should not miss it.

#3 St. Martin, The Caribbean

Here is another festival that is named after a saint. This time, however, the festival is not about the saint, but about techno and underground music. Any fan of this kind of music would definitely be thrilled to spend 5 days with the constant accompaniment of the music.

The festival takes place from the 15th till the 19th of March. There will be some world famous Djs who will make the experience even better. Together with this the Caribbean weather is great at this time of the year, so the festival would be a good reason to find your escape there, under the warm Caribbean sun.

#4 Seattle Fringe Festival

The next festival in our list is the Seattle Fringe Festival which this year will be held from 23rd of March till the 1st of April in Seattle, The USA. It is one of the largest Art Festivals. The end of winter and the coming of spring is a great time to hold such a festival.

If you take the opportunity to visit Seattle at this time of the year, you will see different kinds of performances including comedies, operas, dance performances, and others. If you are into arts, then you will definitely like the Fringe Festival. There are also other such ones during different periods.

#5 Miami-Date Country Fair and Expositions

The next even which you may visit at the end of March is the Miami-Date Country Fair. If you miss the summer and you want it to come quickly, then the weather in Miami with its high temperatures will probably appeal to you. And not only this, but the very fair will match a lot of different people’s appeals and interests.

This is because there are a lot of different performances as well, like circuses, live band concerts, and even different breath-taking rides. The ground of the festival is a big one and there will also be a lot of different kinds of food which a person can try. One will definitely not get bored while there.

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