Wrong Reasons to Start a New Relationship

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There are a lot of problems when it comes to love. This may be one of the sweetest feelings in the world, but it does not mean that it does not bring problems every now and then. There are a lot of people nowadays who wonder whether their partner is the right person for them. Sometimes they are just used to them and are not sure whether they still have feelings for this person or it is just habit.

On the other hand, there are the people who have just split with their partner and are trying to sort out the change in their lives. And other times people decide to enter a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Today we decided to focus on some of the totally wrong reasons people start a new relationship, so you have them in mind if you accidentally decide to start some fishy relationship.

#1 You feel lonely

The first of the wrong reasons people start a new relationship is loneliness. This is also the most common reason because every human being needs some kind of partner in their life, a piece of them. At some point people feel that they have been alone and thus lonely for too long and are ready to start a relationship with the first possible person.

Unfortunately, this often turns out to be a bad idea. One cannot expect to feel love for a person just because they do not want to feel lonely. In fact, there is a chance that you start feeling even lonelier and more miserable if you are in a wrong kind of relationship.

#2 All of your friends are getting married and have children

All single women in their late 20s and their early 30s notice when most of their friends, high school students, college students, and coworkers get married and have children. Even the women who are extreme feminists can feel a little behind with their personal lives.

This has to do with psychology. When a person sees that a group of people their age moves on to another stage in life and one is still at the previous stage, this has some kind of bad effect on one. And this feeling can result in the desire of wanting to find a partner as soon as possible. That is when some women enter a rash relationship.

#3 It is time to move on

The next reason why a lot of women start a new relationship is because they want to forget their previous partner. People say that one can fight fire with fire in order to move on faster, but sometimes this is not as easy as it may sound.

After a break-up one should not be in a hurry to start a new relationship but to give themselves some break to figure things out and to sort out their life. One may hurt the feelings of the person they begin a new relationship with because of their own problems, which one needs to deal with on their own. Sometimes it is best not to rush things and give yourself some time.

#4 “What if he is the one”

Sometimes women enter a wrong kind of relationship because they do not want to miss their true love. Sometimes a woman may have a great time with a person, but this does not automatically mean that they would be a perfect couple together, but just friends.

Other times women decide to give some chance to a guy who loves them just not to let love slip away. There is nothing bag with giving someone a chance but if you do not have the same feelings to them it is better not to fool neither yourself nor this person who loves you. Think about it before you take this step.

#5 You want somebody to love you

The last reason in our list is actually a very common reason a lot of single people start relationships – they want someone to love them. This is wrong because if you need love in your life, you should not wait someone else to give it to you. You should feel the love you feel towards yourself. It may sound a little bit strange to some of you, but it is true.

One should start with loving themselves first and not to expect other people to give them something they miss in their life. Start loving yourself and feel good even if you are single and there are no prospects of finding a partner soon. You will be the person who you will be with all life, so make sure you show this person the respect and love they need.

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