You Should Never Look Bad in Pictures

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Have you ever wondered why other people look so good in pictures while you look like a donkey in all your photos. This has nothing to do with your look. It doesn’t matter how you look in person, it matters only how you move in front of the camera. There are certain tricks that will help you get the perfect photos every time. All you have to do is to remember them and to apply them every time you see the lens of the camera. I will reveal you the secrets of the photogenic people, here they are:

  • The position of the body is very important. First, you have to spend some high quality time in front of the mirror. You have to turn to the right and to the left until you find the perfect angle of your face and body. It will be better if you have a camera in front of your and when you browse the pictures, you will find the best position of your body. Remember that position and apply it when you see the light of the camera. The most basic rule is that you shouldn’t position your body directly facing the camera, you have to turn your body slightly to the left or the right.

  • Another trick is to show your body curves with your hands. Don’t put them on your waist like a jar. Let me show you how to properly place your hands on your hips. First, lift up your hip, this could happen if you place one knee in front of the other so his side of the body will lower down. Then, place one hand on the waist and the other hand on the lower hip. Lift up your chin and look through your lashes.

These are the basic rules that will help you achieve the best looking photos. Enjoy!

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