Your Guide to Using Eyebrow Stencils

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We all know that most of the time we all experience a hard time creating the perfect outline that would complement our eye shape and defining while making it look even is another story. . You don’t have to be an expert to achieve an amazing overall look. All you need is an eyebrow stencil! Eyebrow stencils are a great and easy way to shape your eyebrows, especially if your brows are scarce and it takes too much time figuring out how their natural shape should look like. Now is the time to sculpt your brows to perfection with this guide to using eyebrow stencils!

Step 1: Trimming is an important step in shaping your eyebrows to get that perfectly defined look. Brush all hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming brush. The hairs that are above the natural shape of your eyebrow should be trimmed with scissors.

Step 2: Use a white eye pencil to outline your eyebrows.

Step 3: Grab your stencil. It will map exactly where to pluck and lets you draw on whatever shape you fancy. Combined, these two tricks basically guarantee to take your brow shaping skills to the next level. Place the stencil precisely on top your brows, paying attention to the position of your own natural arch. Once placed, hold it firmly with your fingers without letting it slip.

Step 4: Grab a stiff-angled brush and apply quick strokes to fill in the stencil with powder. Carefully remove the stencil from your eyebrow so it won’t smudge your masterpiece.

Step 5: Grab the white pencil again and pack some more color to make the brows ultra defined.

Step 6: Then, stroke through with the brow brush to blend the powder with the natural eyebrows. That is it – finished, well defined brows! Now you can use this magic stencil trick every time you need to shape your brows and achieve this amazing final look.

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