Your Hair is the Greatest Accessory

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The hairstyle of a woman is highly important for her good look. But before you create your favorite hairstyle, you’ll have to learn how to take care of your hair in order to be healthy and strong. When your hair is healthy, it will become thicker, brighter and more beautiful, which will lead to always-great-looking hairstyles.

You have to follow these rules in order to keep your hair healthy. Take a look:

  • Be careful with the heating tools like your curling iron and flat iron. They are the worst enemies for your hair. Always use a thermal protector to the hair and try not to overdo the usage of these tools. Two times per week is too much.

  • If you need to use the heating tools for your hair all the time, you have to choose two months of the year in which you won’t use any heat to stylize your hair. This amount of time should work as a recovery time for your hair.

  • Another habit that you must create is to apply a hair mask every week. Choose the mask according to the condition and the type of your hair. There are different recipes which can be easily prepared at home. I think this is the best option, because the homemade masks require only natural ingredients.

These are the basic rules, let’s sum up: protect the hair from the heat, choose heat-free months and nourish the hair with the proper hair masks.

Now, let me show you this gorgeous hairstyle, which is plain, but the hair is strong and shiny and it looks amazing, because of that:

  • Brush the hair to the back.
  • The a low half updo and twist it through a hole above the hair band.
  • Then tie another tail below the first one and twist again.
  • Keep on going with this routine of tying and twisting until you tie the whole hair into a low ponytail.

All done! Enjoy the fake fishtail braid!


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