Your Makeup Can Mess Up with Your Health

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 Everyone has one or more bad habits. Some of these bad habits are harmless, like your habit to organize the wardrobe of your sister only because you are obsessed with organized things, but it is truly annoying for other people. But there are some habits that might harm your health and beauty. Such a habit is the daily application of makeup. If you don’t do it right, you might end with some serious health problems. Take a look at these 5 mistakes that can mess up with your health:

It is forbidden to share makeup products and tools with a friend. It is Ok to share jewelry and clothes with your besties, but the sharing makeup is very wrong. You have to look at the situation from two points of you – you can give her a bacteria that your body can handle, but her body can’t, but the same thing can happen to you as well, she can transfer you through the lipstick or the eyeliner, something that your body can’t handle, which can lead to infection or something more serious.The same rule applies for brushes, sponges, pencils, etc. It is Ok to share only products that come in a bottle. She squeezes the product in her hand, which eliminates the shared point of you two.

The next thing that you rarely think about is the expiration date of the makeup products you own. And if you rarely think about it, there is a huge chance for you to apply makeup that is expired, which is bad, very bad! The expiration dates are not written on the packages just for fun, there is a reason for them to be printed there. I know that it is hard to throw away that gorgeous matte lipstick, but think about your health first. After all, you don’t drink the milk that passed its expiration date, right? Think of the makeup as it is milk, if you use it after the expiration date, it will harm you. If you use the makeup after the recommended date, you risk to get an infection or irritation, because the makeup products start to grow up bacteria in the bottles and containers. Here are some of the most used makeup products and how long they last:

  • Mascara has 2 or 3 months of shelf life.
  • Liquid foundation or concealer last longer – 6 to 12 months.
  • Lipstick can last 2 years.
  • Lip gloss – 1 year.
  • The nail polish can last 1 or 2 years according to its condition. If it is goopy or separated in layers, throw it away, even if the 1 year hadn’t passed yet.
  • Powder, eyeshadows and blush last 2 years.
  • Body lotion – 2 years.

One extremely harmful habit is to sleep with your makeup. Sometimes you are too tired to remove the makeup, but if you go to bed with your makeup on your face, you will wake up with many problems – zits, redness, dark under eye circles, rough skin, clogged pores, blackhead, even eye irritation. To prevent such nights, keep a package of makeup removing wet tissues on your nightstand and remove the makeup while you are in the bed.

Sometimes even the lash extensions can be harmful for your eyes, because of the glue that keeps the lashes on your lids. Be careful with the place that you visit for your lash extensions, research it and read a lot of feedback. The unsatisfied clients are those that write the most when something is wrong with the place.

You should be careful with the application of eyeliner on the waterline as well. Sometimes the liner brings its own bacteria inside the eye if the liner is applied on the waterline, which can lead to infections and irritations.

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